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Whether you're looking for a stylish all-purpose electric bike with the biggest motor and fastest speeds or a long-range, super efficient commuter e-bike, this comparison guide makes it simple and easy to compare the various Juiced Bikes' styles and models.
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Going fast makes getting from place to place breezier. Are you looking for a top-speed electric bike? The HyperScorpion and HyperScrambler models top out at over 30 mph, making them the fastest Juiced Bikes available. In comparison, our other models hit stellar 28-mph limits, putting them just under the Hyper series lineup.


How far can you take your e-bike before charging up? Our HyperScorpion and RipCurrent S go the distance at 70 miles, the CrossCurrent X features an 80-mile range and the HyperScrambler promises around 100 miles when you select the dual battery option. However, you'll do supremely well with all our e-bikes, all of which give you an average range of over 40 miles to 45 miles.

Battery Life

Your e-bike runs on a battery, so you need a battery life that resists fizzling out. We've chosen high-performance batteries for all our electric bike models, enabling you to charge up fast and get plenty of mileage before plugging in again. Many commuters like to recharge their electric bike batteries at work. Most batteries take around four to six hours to reach at least 80% charge capacity. 


Motors matter, especially in the electric bike world. At Juiced Bikes, we've chosen to include Bafang motors in all our products. Hailing from Europe, where e-biking first gained its popularity, Bafang's a leader in the world of e-bike motors. With at least 750 Watts of power, you can trust that your electric bike motor will continue to give you the boost you need to ride, explore and adventure with confidence.

Pedal Assist

Juiced Bikes knows that pedal assist should feel seamless. Whether you're cruising at 28 mph on your moped style Scorpion X or hitting speeds around 30 mph on your HyperScrambler 2, you want pedal assist to work effortlessly in the background. Experience smoother rides and gear shifting, even when you're going uphill. All e-bikes from us give you an assistive boost up to the 28-mph mark.


We equip our bikes with two types of throttles, called twist throttles and thumb throttles. Both activate the high-powered motor. You'll find thumb throttles on CrossCurrents and RipCurrents, and twist throttles are available on Scorpion and Scrambler models.


The right e-bike tires provide you with peace of mind, and we match the best electric bike tire to each bike's purpose. Scorpions feature puncture-resistant tires, giving them an extra measure of protection. Scramblers come with our standard City or Camp tire that's ready for the long haul. CrossCurrents have skinnier tires with loads of tread. Finally, fat-tire RipCurrent models provide a wide enough surface to give you support and security on various terrain types.


You're used to being able to get real-time specs from your car's display. Add the same benefit from your electric bike? You'll always have the advantage of a premium liquid-crystal display (LCD) that works in all weather.


Some electric bikes are heavier than others, so consider your ideal bike's weight. Our lightest bike is the commuter CrossCurrent at a modest 59 pounds. Do you want a heftier model? Scorpions top out at around 100 pounds, and the dual-battery HyperScrambler hits 119 pounds.


At Juiced Bikes, certain e-bikes come standard with rear racks and fenders, such as the CrossCurrent X, RipCurrent S and HyperScorpion Express. Racks enable you to secure extra items for work or play with fenders keep your back dry when riding on wet surfaces.

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