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There is a good reason industry experts and notable e-bike journalists proclaim that Juiced delivers the absolute most e-bike bang for your buck! Juiced electric bikes feature a long list of premium and upgraded components, and are carefully engineered to provide riders with thrilling performance, unmatched safety, and extraordinary functionality. The long list of upgraded features begins with our massive 52V battery pack to fuel a riding range of up to 100 miles and speeds up to 30MPH.

52V Battery Advantage

Electrifying Performance, Extraordinarily Practical

We believe every mile traveled should be as thrilling as it is functional. For more than a decade, Juiced Bikes has been passionately committed to creating innovative micromobility solutions that transform every ride into an epic adventure.


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All service and support staff are based in our San Diego headquarters.

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Team of e-bike technicians dedicated to ensuring a perfect ride for every customer.

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Chat with us or schedule a call with a sales consultant if you need more help finding the perfect e-bike!

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