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Electric Bike Top Speeds

Whether speed is one of the most important factors to you or not, understanding the speed capability of different electric bike models will help you choose your ideal e-bike. Everyone is different and has different plans for how they will use their new electric bike.

High-speed electric Juiced Bikes bicycles have the power capabilities to match any need. Whether you're looking for a more eco-friendly way to get to work without adding too much extra travel time or just love the rush of the wind on your face as you explore your local area, our high-speed e-bike options will meet your expectations and needs.

The simple charts below show the different models of bikes and skateboards we make and what their top speeds are, along with some other relevant specs.

* the CityScrambler and CampScrambler will need this to reach up to 30mph in Race Track Mode.

How Fast Can an Electric Bike Go?

There are a number of factors affecting the top speed of an electric bike, but the primary factor affecting speed is state regulations. In the US, Class 2 E-Bikes can provide pedal assist up to 20mph, and Class 3 E-Bikes can provide pedal assist up to 28mph. Our E-Bikes also feature a race track mode that riders can enable on private property that removes the 28mph limit and allows riders to get electric assist regardless of how fast they are pedaling. 

Class 2: Throttle only top speed 20 mph

All of our e-bikes have a throttle. This is either a twist throttle or a thumb throttle located on the handlebars. When the throttle is used, the e-bike can be propelled without the rider pedaling - similar to a motorcycle.

In the USA the regulations state that the maximum speed allowed in this kind of operation is 20mph although the e-bike may be technically capable of going faster than 20mph.

When you're riding a bike, 20mph is an ideal speed. These aren't our fastest electric bikes, but a top speed of 20mph will give you that rush of wind and get you where you want to go quickly.

Electric bikes with lower top speeds are great for leisure and exploring. Go out on the weekends to do a few errands close by, or take your bike down some paths that you've never visited. You don't need super high speeds to have a great time.

With the throttle under your grip, you can adjust your speed as you go along. You can choose to use this type of model at its top speed, or ride at a slower pace. You can even test the bike to see if you can push it a little bit past the 20mph speed — just be safe if you choose to try it.

All Juiced e-bikes arrive set to Class 2 however the user can manually configure other assist settings to increase the speed of the e-bike.

Class 3: Pedal Assist top speed 28 mph

Class 3 e-bikes allow the bike to assist riders up to a speed of 28 mph when the rider is turning the pedals. When the e-bike reaches 28 mph, the motor assistance will be reduced until a speed of 28 mph or lower is maintained. Class 3 is a much more enjoyable way to experience the e-bike as it is closer to the speed a fit cyclist can achieve without motor assistance.

Note: When throttle is used and the rider stops pedaling, the speed of the e-bike will gradually be reduced to the throttle only speed of 20 mph. If pedaling is resumed, the e-bike will again accelerate until 28 mph is reached.

With the higher top speed allowed by class 3 e-bikes, you have an even greater range of speed than a class 2 electric bike. If you want to ride more leisurely, you can absolutely do that. But, if you really want to get cruising, you can move a lot faster than other models.

More speed is great when you're on a deadline or have a tight timeframe to finish your ride. Many of our eco-minded riders love our bikes because they're much more friendly to the environment. Even while you're doing your part to help the planet, you still need to get places on time. Whether you're heading to work, an appointment or any other destination with a specific arrival time, these bikes may be the better option.

With the ability to juice up your bike using the throttle or the pedal assist, you can feel the power of these bikes at multiple points. Whether you want top speed or a little bit less, you can choose whether you want to use the throttle or pedal assist functions of your electric bike.

Race Track Mode: Top speed is not limited

When operating the e-bike on private property or a closed circuit race track, Race Track Mode can be selected from the LCD display. This assist mode works similar to the Class 3 operation, however, the 28 mph speed limit is removed and the system’s power levels are increased to the highest levels possible allowing the bike to reach its true top speeds. 

In Race Track mode, the maximum speed may be faster than 28 mph depending on many factors such as rider strength, tire pressure, wind, and ambient temperature. The final top speed depends only on the power available to the motor + the rider’s pedaling efforts.

In Race Track Mode, the system’s power will be increased significantly. As the electronics are working under load, the system’s temperatures will increase, however, onboard sensors will automatically reduce the power if necessary to maintain the reliability of the electronics.

When you know you have access to safe terrain and want to see exactly what your bike is capable of, use race track mode. In this mode, every model of our bikes can go even faster. One model, the HyperFat, has a top speed of 40mph — our fastest bike yet. Contact us today with any questions you have.

Note: Throttle-only speed remains limited to 20 mph even in Race Track mode for all bikes with the exception for HyperFat and HyperScrambler which is limited to 28mph.

Other Factors Affecting E-bike Top Speeds:

    • Wheel Size

    This is the outer diameter of the tire. Bicycles are classified by the tire size 20”, 24” 26” 28” for example. 28” wheels are also commonly called “700c.”

    Motorcycle and automobiles are classified by the rim size not the tire size so this can lead to some confusion.

    • Voltage

    This is the nominal voltage of the battery pack. In general, higher voltage will result in higher performance compared to a lower voltage system.

    • Motor Power

    The motor power is the rated power of the motor. The motor power for street legal e-bike is limited to 750W per regulation. This is why most e-bikes are advertised as 750W.

    Some of our e-bikes have higher than 750W. These are classified as Off-road vehicles similar to gasoline-powered dirt bikes and are not legal to ride on public roads.

    • Controller Amperage

    The Amperage is the amount of current the motor controller can send to the motor. In general, a higher amperage will result in more acceleration and top speed.

    To actually achieve the rated power stamped on the motor, the controller must be able to deliver enough current. Some e-bikes are advertised with a “750W” motor, however the electronics are not actually capable of delivering the current necessary for the motor to reach 750W performance. 


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