The Ultimate Starter Guide for New E-Bike Owners

The Ultimate Starter Guide for New E-Bike Owners

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If you're one of the thousands of U.S. riders lucky enough to be gifted a new electric bike this holiday season, you might be thinking 'this thing is amazing, but now what!? While it might be tempting just to assemble and ride out, it’s important to take the time to get familiar with your new e-bike before getting started on your winter riding adventures. By following these simple steps, your transition from hapless e-bike newbie to e-bike master rider will be as smooth, fast, and fun as your new Juiced bike.

Get Setup 

If you already have an e-bike or know someone with a similar e-bike, don’t assume the assembly will also be similar. Each electric bike is unique and there are important nuances associated with the assembly and set-up of each one. Check out our bike setup page, and select your new model of e-bike, for everything you need to set up and maintain your new Juiced electric bike. Make sure you read the owner's manual to understand how to operate and assemble your e-bike. Juiced e-bikes are sent with all of the tools you'll need for assembly. Make sure these are handy and accessible when you begin to assemble your bike. Finally, take the time to watch the assembly video tutorial a few times before starting your build. If you do this, assembly will be a breeze, and you’ll avoid annoying last-minute surprises.

Pro-tip: Have a friend on hand for extra support during assembly.

Get Setup

Get Geared Up 

At Juiced, we always emphasize SAFETY FIRST to our community of riders. Before operating your new Juiced bike, make sure you have a good bike helmet and anti-theft lock. These are your best tools to keep you and your e-bike safe while riding. We offer a full line of accessories designed to ensure you have a safe and hassle-free ride, including alarms, rearview mirrors, portable air pumps, tool kits, and so much more. Check out our full line of safety and security gear in our accessories collection.

Pro-tip: Helmets only work if they are the right size and are securely clasped before riding out. 

Get Geared Up

Get Familiar 

One of the best things you can do before riding is to get familiar with your e-bike and learn how to operate it. Start riding in a small, protected area so you can get familiar with the feel of the bike, using the different functions on the bike, and that you're comfortable with different riding speeds. Slowly transition to riding in more crowded areas to ensure you feel confident and safe interacting with traffic and other riders. If it's available in your area, you may even consider taking an e-bike riding and safety class!

Pro-tip: Bedding in your brakes takes a bit of time and many riders don’t know about this essential step

Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Starter Guide Get Familiar

Get Ready To Ride

Here are a few things you want to check before every ride:

1. Wheel Check: Check that the front wheel is securely installed. Whether your model came with a quick-release front wheel or a bolt-on axle, you need to ensure the wheel is secure and that the axle’s hardware is in place and tightened before riding. Also, check that your tires are inflated to the proper PSI, and nothing interferes with your wheelbase. 

Electric Bike Starter Guide Wheel Check2. Gear Check: Most bike riders already wear a helmet, but you should consider wearing additional safety gear if you’re riding at night, at very high speeds, or in other dangerous conditions. Lined garments or fuller-coverage clothing can help you avoid scrapes. Also, chamois and bike shorts are not exclusive to road cyclists — they are excellent garment options for riding an electric bike. Reflective clothing or decals are lifesavers on the road! 

3. Tech Check: You want to ensure the battery is securely in place before riding. You could experience intermittent power during your ride or risk the battery falling out if it isn't secure. Lightly pull on the battery while it’s off to check whether it's stable. Make sure to check your voltage percentage on your LCD screen. Use this chart to translate the voltage reading on your screen to a percentage. You will want to stay within 80% and 20% voltage for optimal performance and battery life. Low voltage can affect your model's top speeds.

Electric Bike Starter Guide LCD Display

Get Riding!

Now that you are road-ready, it’s time to get out there and have some fun! By following these basic and simple steps, you’ll be a seasoned e-bike pro in no time. For additional safety information, check out our complete E-Bike Safety Checklist.

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