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The new RipCurrent S are on the way!

The RipCurrent S sets the benchmark for fat-tire commuter e-bikes. Owning one will change your life. I get the first one off the line. 

Enjoy some pictures...


Biggest kid on the block: Prepare to be amazed by the range and power. 



The red units make it down the line: It's clear to see why red is the faster color. 



Everything upscaled: Battery Management System 
- Right: Standard BMS
- Left: The BMS used on the RCS

Any questions??




Production units jump into the studio: The production bikes are a little different from the pre-production units. We want to capture the most accurate representation of what you will get. Studio Images coming shortly. 



Doing it takes time. Doing it right takes patience. 



Careful attention to details, balanced with the need to deliver. 



Now starts a new chapter for commuter e-bikes. Arrival estimated around Mar 3rd, 2018.