Rear Wheel Removal Tool Kit
Rear Wheel Removal Tool Kit
Rear Wheel Removal Tool Kit

Rear Wheel Removal Tool Kit

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Some people are intimidated by the E-bike’s rear wheel.  Actually, it’s not very hard to remove the rear wheel of the e-bike with the right tools. 

We have put together a complete high quality tool kit and detailed video instructions so you can service your bike to the same quality level as any bicycle shop. 

The kit costs less than one wheel change service at a local bike shop and you will have all the tools needed for a lifetime of e-bike wheel service. These are the exact tools used by Juiced E-Bike Technicians to perform quality service on all of our rear hub motor e-bikes. 

With this kit, you will be able to do most all the basic service for the rear motor wheel of the bike including: 

Removing and Installing the Rear wheel (video)

Changing the tube and tire (video coming soon)

Additional uses include:

Removing the Rear Brake caliper (video coming soon)

Removing the Torque/Cadence sensor (video coming soon)

Removing the Derailleur (video coming soon)

This kit includes:

1 x 18 mm Motor Axle Nut Removal Tool

1 x 18 mm Wrench

1 x 10 mm Wrench

1 x 4 mm Hex Tool

1 x 5 mm Hex Tool

1 x Diagonal Cutters

3 x Tire Levers

10 x Zip Tie


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