We often get asked which replacement brake pad to get. We have created this guide to help you identify your brake pad type. 


How to identify your brake pad type

Start by identifying which brake system is on your bike. The easiest way is to look at the lever. The table above will help you identify the brake system based on the lever design. You can also look at the caliper to confirm the brake system type. Take note of the pad type in the last two columns. Most of our e-bike use the Shimano B01S compatible pad.


The Shimano B01S Brake Pad Style

The Shimano B01S is one of the most common brake pads used in the industry. Almost every bicycle repair shop will have B01S. This pad is used on at least 45 different brake systems spanning across many different brands. It is used on hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes. 


Hydraulic vs. Mechanical Disc Brakes

There are two fundamental ways to move the brake pads. Mechanical disc brakes use a cable wire to push one pad toward the rotor. This cable wire can stretch resulting in inconsistent performance. Hydraulic disc brakes use a non-compressible fluid to push both pads towards the rotor the result is improved braking power and modulation. Braking performance is critical for the faster class 3 e-bikes. 

Hydraulic disc brakes are also less fiddly to set up as both pads move toward the rotor vs. mechanical disc brakes where only one pad moves toward the rotor. The Hydraulic disc brake systems we use can self-adjust at the pad wears down, resulting in less maintenance. 

The disadvantage is that Hydraulic disc brakes systems are several times more expensive than mechanical disc brakes. However the actual brake pads are about the same cost. 


Tektro HD-E715 vs. HD-E710

These two brake systems appear alike, however they are different. The brake pads are not interchangeable between the models. The HD-E710 has a larger pad which is more difficult to find online and at your local bicycle repair shop. The HD-E715 uses the commonly available Shimano B01S brake pad. Check the marking on the lever to determine which 700-series brake system you have. 


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