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Setting up your new CrossCurrent Air




1 - List

This guide will help you get your new bike setup. The packaging might differ as we keep improving but the essentials are the same.       

2 - Putting it together

Your CCS comes with the handlebar and the front wheel removed. This video shows the same procedure to use on it. We add a more descriptive follow up below

This is a video on how to mount the front wheel. We also added a diagram.
The next video shows a more detailed view on how to install the pedals.
in this video we go through a detailed overview of the installation and removal process for battery packs utilized on most Juiced Bikes models including this one. We go into detail around all the connecting pieces and the locking mechanism. In addition, we touch on ways to assure that your battery is seated and locked properly in the bike frame.

In this video we cover a range of detail from the basics to more advanced bike features, including:

- Assist Levels

- Throttle

- Throttle Assist Boost

- Basic Bike Metrics

- Cruise Control

- Bike Control Settings

- Speed Limiter

- Torque Sensor Settings

- Low Voltage Settings