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Whether you're looking for the electric bike with the longest battery life or a long-range electric bike, these charts make it easy to compare and contrast your options available at Juiced Bikes! We want to make it simple to find the perfect ride to match your expectations and lifestyle.

Juiced Bikes 2019 / Fat-Tire E-Bike Line: 

Juiced Bikes 2019 / Sport Commuter E-Bike Line: 

Juiced Bikes 2019 / Scrambler E-Bike Line:


Juiced Bikes 2020 / Scorpion E-Bike Line:

Choosing the Right Bike

With so much information here, it may be a little overwhelming to pick out the details that are most important to you. Buying an electric bike is an important purchase, and you want to feel good about it!

There are a number of different factors to consider when comparing different e-bikes from Juiced Bikes. Thinking about your budget, how you plan on using your new bike, the battery and speed are some important details to consider before making your final decision.

Looking at how you'd like to use your electric bike will be a huge help in the decision-making process. If you love going out for long rides, exploring the area without a specific destination, you'd benefit from a larger battery. If you plan on being more adventurous and taking your bike off the road, choosing a model like the CampScrambler is a great choice.

Our bikes have a number of different traits, so it might not be possible to get every single attribute you want in the same model. However, we know we can help you find a model that checks off the important boxes.

One of the most important parts of our products — and the reason why you're shopping with us — are the batteries. All of the benefits of an electric bike are possible with these powerful features. Our electric bikes with removable batteries make it easy to get around without using as much energy. Compared to other modes of transportation, our bikes are better for the environment and easier to refuel.

While all of our electric bikes have excellent long range capacities, there are certain things to look for if power is an important quality for you. The physical size of the battery will have the most effect on the range, how long it takes to charge an electric bike and how long that charge will last until the next charging cycle.
Bigger batteries will take you farther and will also give you faster speeds. The bigger size gives the bike more power. That extra power will come at a cost — our bikes with bigger batteries will come with higher price tags.

If you want to find an electric bike with a lower price range, we still have great options for you! While they may not go up to top speeds of other models, you'll still be able to cruise around comfortably and feel that wind blowing past you.
Whatever type of experience you're looking for or purpose for your new bike, Juiced Bikes has the perfect match for you. This simple, clear guide makes it much easier to compare the models in our inventory, rather than flipping back and forth between each of the specs.

To learn more about different models, get advice on choosing the best one or speak with a member of our team about anything else, please contact us soon so we can help.