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HyperFat / HF1000 - Setup Guide

Hi! Congratulations on receiving your HyperFat (HF1000) We know you are very excited ride the thing, but please take a moment to look through the documents which we have prepared here. 


1. Receiving the Package

The first thing to do when the box arrives is to make a picture of the outside of the packaging using your mobile phone. Check the be sure there is no damage to the outside of the box.

We take great care in packing the bikes. But we cannot be 100% sure the box is not mishandled by the carrier. If there is any damage to the box please contact us immediately.  

2. Initial Assembly

The HF1000 is very similar to our other bikes, (the CrossCurrent and OceanCurrent) in layout and share some of the same parts. Getting the bike assembled follows more or less the same procedure. 

3. Register Your Bike

Registering your bike gives us a better understanding of how the bike is used in the field. It also gives us a means of communication to contact the customers about product updates. Registering the bike serves as a way to activate the warranty.

4. First Ride Inspection - Very Important!

The HyperFat have a few unique parts that need to be specially mentioned. Before riding the bike for the first time, please read the First Ride Inspection document. 

5. Understanding the LCD Display

The LCD display is the same display that is used on our CrossCurrent S e-bike. There are several advanced features which may not be immediately discoverable. 

The video above will go over every feature of the LCD Display. 

5. Riding on Non-Public Roads

The HF1000 arrives in 100% road legal configuration with 750 Watt and 20mph speed limits. 



Default Settings are:

  • The speed limit is locked to 20 mph and the 

  • The power is locked to Assist Level 3 (23-25A)


When on non-public roads and private bike paths, the performance of the bike can be increased by the user from the settings menu on the LCD display. Please be responsible when riding the e-bike in any power mode. 

Unlimited settings are:

  • Unlimited Assist Speed (Speed is limited by the motor’s power)

  • SPORT mode availability (33-35A) >1,500 Watts


Manually Adjust the Speed and Power Limit Settings

1. Enter the Setup Menu

- Push the POWER BUTTON on the battery pack to turn on the main power. The green power button will be illuminated. 

- Push the POWER BUTTON on the LCD display and let the display power up. 

- Push and hold the UP and DOWN assist buttons together for 3 seconds. The display will enter the setup mode. 


2. Adjust the SPEED LIMIT Settings

- Push the DOWN assist button to select the SPEED LIMIT setting. 

- Push and release the POWER BUTTON to enter the SPEED LIMIT Setting. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to adjust the speed to the desire level. 

The default SPEED LIMIT is 20 mph (32 km/h)

- Push and the release the power button to confirm the desired speed limit. Push the POWER BUTTON 3 times to exit to the main screen. 


3. Adjust the NDW Settings 

- Use the same procedure to enter and adjust the NDW setting. This will set the highest level that the pedal assist is allowed to be selected. 

Understanding the NDW settings:

  • Setting NDW to 1: ECO and Assist Level 1 can be selected

  • Setting NDW to 2: ECO to Assist Level 2 can be selected

  • Setting NDW to 3: ECO to Assist Level 3 can be selected

  • Setting NDW to 4: ECO to Assist Level SPORT can be selected

The default NDW setting is 3 (23-25A)

The maximum NDW setting is 4: SPORT (33-35A) 

6. Technical Assistance

If you need technical assistance please visit our Support Center. You can also send a email to



7. Discussion Forum

The HF project is unique in that the development of the bike has been mostly open. Typically due to competitive reasons details about such a product are normally hidden. The discussion regarding the HF1000 can be found here: We analyze all feedback to help make our products better.