HyperScorpion Setup

Black Juiced Bikes HyperScorpion E-Bike

Your Juiced Bike Box will include every tool you need to assemble your e-bike. It's important to keep this tool kit as it can be used for periodic maintenance.

We recommended keeping all of your packaging materials while you assemble and test ride the bike during your first weeks of ownership.

Have a question during assembly of your e-bike? Reach out to us at Support@JuicedBikes.com.

Getting Started: Follow this step by step set-up video, put together by our team of experts, to learn how to assemble your electric bike.


Get Educated: Watch this video for the ultimate guide on operating your new Juiced Bike. This video includes instructions on using the advanced LCD display, turning on the bike, unlocking race mode and more!

Get Ready To Ride: To make sure you are safe and ready to roll before every ride, watch this pre-ride checklist video.

Get Juiced!: In this video, we show you how to install and remove your Juiced Bikes 52-Volt battery pack. Be sure your battery is fully charged, and you watch all instructional videos before riding out.

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