Commute With an E-Bike and Ditch the Drive-In Blues!

Commute With an E-Bike and Ditch the Drive-In Blues!

The Weekly Squeeze

For so many American workers, the moment we’ve been dreading is finally upon us. You’ve been called back into the office. Suddenly you need to confront the reality of a daily commute, pre-pandemic traffic congestion, and the uncertainty of public transportation… stuck in traffic or stuck on the bus? If neither option sounds appealing, and you’re justifiably dreading the grind of a daily commute, it’s the perfect time to consider the best possible commuting alternative. If you’re also interested in saving money, reducing your carbon footprint, AND getting a workout - all while having the time of your life? Then an e-bike should be the next big purchase you make!

Here are some of the unique reasons why electric bike commuting is better than driving - which might actually have you excited about going back to the office!

CCX Commute to Work

Better for your Wallet

Sure, there is an initial investment in purchasing a new e-bike, but there is no comparison between the cost of commuting in a car vs commuting to work on an e-bike. According to, nearly 90% of U.S. households spend an average of $3,000 per year on gas. And don't forget the cost of the vehicle AND car insurance.  With affordable high-performance E-bikes like the recently discounted Crosscurrent S2 for $1,799, you'll quickly save money when you make the switch! Don't worry about the cost of charging either. In San Diego, for instance, the cost of charging an e-bike with a 52-volt/13 amp hour battery is just .50¢. That’s only $.50 for up to 50 miles of riding (just a penny per mile). Check out this article from E-bike Pursuits to calculate the cost of charging your e-bike.

Better For the Environment

Replacing a fraction of car miles with increased e-bike transportation can have a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions. The bottom line is simple: E-bikes are a zero emission vehicle. Public transport helps, but still keeps you reliant on crude oil to get to work. Because they don’t burn any fuel, an electric bicycle doesn't release any gases to the atmosphere. The average car, however, releases over 2 tons of carbon dioxide gas every year. Does daily commuting seem like too much for your lifestyle? Just starting your week off with a Motor-less Monday or a Freedom Friday can help make a difference!

Commute on Scorpion X

Better for Mind

The average American spends a (miserable) 51 minutes on their daily commute to work, and studies show that even commutes as short as 10 miles inflict very real physical damage, including rises in blood sugar levels, higher cholesterol, increases in depression and anxiety, temporary blood pressure spikes and even poor sleep quality. On the other hand, commuting on an e-bike is linked to greater job productivity, reduced stress, reduced absenteeism and improved cardiovascular health. Take out all your work & home stress while pedaling up to 28mph on the Crosscurrent X Step-Through and try NOT to have fun while you’re doing it!

Better for Body

It’s no secret that many Americans picked up a few pounds while they have been telecommuting the past year - upwards of 20 pounds to be precise. An electric commuter bike is an outstanding way to shed that COVID-20 and have a blast! The boost of power fuels confidence and, ultimately, promotes longer and farther rides. Studies show that riding an e-bike for an hour can burn upwards of 390 calories. So you can head back to the office feeling AND looking great! 

Possibly the very best benefit of e-bike commuting is circumventing the typical hassles associated with riding your bike to work. Electric bikes take you farther and faster than traditional bikes, and with much less effort. You don’t have to worry about waking up an hour earlier because your transit time is quadrupled, or packing a change of clothes and taking a shower at work because you’re drenched in sweat from the ride. With an electric bike, you get all of the upside of riding your bike to work without any of the inconveniences. To find the right e-bike for your commute, take our bike quiz!

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