Debunking the 5  Most Common E-Bike Myths

Debunking the 5 Most Common E-Bike Myths

Juiced has been a part of the e-bike and micro-mobility market for over 12 years now and we've heard just about EVERY e-bike misconception out there. From “riding an e-bike is cheating!” to “all electric bikes are dangerous", these e-bike myths, and so many others, are largely untrue and typically shared by critics who have little to no familiarity with electric bicycles. Don’t let the naysayers and e-bike haters prevent you from using pedal powered bikes to revolutionize your daily routine. 

Here are the most common myths you shouldn’t fall for when considering an e-bike purchase:

Myth #1: You can get a reliable, well-supported e-bike for under $1,000

While you might be able to find an e-bike for under $1000, chances are it won’t be an e-bike that you’re ultimately happy riding. You get what you pay for, and inexpensive e-bikes will likely arrive with A LOT fewer BASIC features than expected – like a kickstand. Don’t miss out on key features which help customize your ride experience such as advanced pedal assist technology or throttles. Or vital safety features like hydraulic brakes which help with precision stopping at higher speeds. These as well as many other features are all standard on every Juiced model - no hidden add ons at checkout! Our Hyper series even offer advanced safety features for riding with traffic like integrated horn, alarm, turn signals, and brake lights!

Really inexpensive electric bikes purchased from discount retailers usually don’t provide knowledgeable customer service and technical support to help if your bike has any issues. Many are simply importers, headquartered outside of the country with no warranty coverage and virtually no U.S. based staff. When it comes to purchasing e-bikes, if it seems too good to be true, it definitely is! 

Myth #2: You can’t get a good workout from riding an E-bike 

The increase in heart rate and calories burned are clear proof that E-bikes are absolutely not ‘cheating’, but this remains one of the most pervasive electric bike myths. E-Bikes offer people the opportunity to improve their physical health without the dread that comes with riding a traditional bike. According to, e-bike riders increased their miles per day from 1.3 miles to 5.7 when making the switch to electric. E-bike riders are also better able to incorporate more consistent work-outs into their lifestyle, allowing them to make a healthy choice while commuting or tackling weekly chores. Will riding an electric bike get you totally ripped? Probably not.. But, it will help you burn significant calories (and drop some pounds) all while having a blast.

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Myth #3: Range anxiety isn't a thing

It certainly is! And it’s important to have an E-bike that can go the distance. How far you can ride your electric bike depends solely on the quality and size of the battery. Trust us… you don’t want to be riding a 60+ lb. E-Bike when you run out of battery power, and then have to pedal all the way home. All Juiced Bikes come with a massive 52-Volt battery pack with high capacity cells, which fuel more riding range on a single charge - without worrying about running out of juice. Our 52V/.19.2Ah battery can power up to 70+ miles when fully charged. To check out more information on our battery range take a look at our ​​range chart.

Myth #4: E-bikes aren't safe - I’m afraid I’ll get injured!

Recent e-bike safety concerns, including Simon Cowel's infamous back-breaking accident, have generated tremendous media coverage, and raised valid safety questions. Pedal powered bikes are a relatively new phenomenon in the U.S. market, so safety data isn’t yet as robust as it is in other countries, but initial studies and data from other countries have concluded e-bikes are just as safe as a regular bike. There are risks associated with any activity that involve speed, a motor, traffic and varying terrain conditions. Like other transportation options, safety largely depends on how the rider is using their e-bike. To get more quick tips on e-bike safety check out our E-bike safety and security tips.

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Myth #5: E-bikes are too expensive

Electric bicycles eliminate so many of the annual costs of driving a car, taking an Uber, or public transportation. While there will always be required maintenance, there is no comparison between the cost of an e-bike and the average cost of gasoline ($250+ per month), plus car payments, insurance (another $900+), maintenance and parking!i With all of these expenses totaling well above the $1,800-$3,000 price of a high-quality and high-performance e-bike, you’re sure to get a hefty return on investment when you make the switch! 

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Riding an electric bike answers so many of our lifestyle needs with a relatively small investment. And, for the record, they aren’t too expensive, or too dangerous, or cheating! E-bikes not only take you pretty much everywhere you want to go, but they’re also an environmentally friendly and money-saving lifestyle change! Motor-powered, pedal assistance is an amazing way to fuel your adventures and have a blast while doing it. 

Join the thousands of riders who are having life-changing adventures and find the perfect Juiced Bike for you! Take our bike quiz to see what bike is for you!

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