A Closer Look at the NEW CrossCurrent X Step-Through

A Closer Look at the NEW CrossCurrent X Step-Through

The Weekly Squeeze

With more and more Americans heading back into the office, the NEW Crosscurrent X Step-Through has arrived just in time! This versatile open-framed update to our best-selling commuter e-bike, gives Americans contemplating the switch from traffic nightmares to electric dreams a reason to get excited. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this electric bike the ultimate urban explorer.

Loaded with Upgraded Features

Our newest model comes jam-packed with both safety and performance features essential to your daily commuter needs. Front and rear hydraulic brakes offer precision stopping at higher speeds (a must for interacting with traffic out on the road). The new 52v/15ah battery has more than enough juice to get you to work and play. Up to 65+ miles in a single charge, so you never have to worry about range anxiety. We also made sure to include our amazing dual torque and cadence sensor for a symbiotic pedaling experience - picking up how hard you are pedaling up to 1000 times per second - leaving you feeling superhuman!

 Juiced Bikes Closer Look CrossCurrent X Step-Through Commute

Replace the car and SAVE

If you're looking at the cost of renewing your annual car registration, or filling up your tank, you might want to think more about the enormous savings an e-bike offers. Replacing car miles with an e-bike demands a model with both advanced safety AND performance features. The Crosscurrent X Step-Through offers the same premium features as the Crosscurrent X model - called ‘a true car replacement’ by Forbes - and this lightweight, nimble design is ideal for commuters heading back into the office. Featuring a super bright 1050 lumen integrated headlight, front/rear fenders and a sturdy rear rack that allows you to carry extra cargo. Add on a pannier bag to the rear rack and always have a place to store your goods. The Crosscurrent X Step-Through has everything you need to make the switch from car to e-bike AND at the introductory price of $1999 – keep some money in your wallet.

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The perfect fit every time

Accessibility was key in developing a step-through version of our most popular commuter bike. Juiced engineers wanted to ensure people of varying heights, and those with limited physical range of motion, felt comfortable and confident mounting and dismounting our newest model. The Crosscurrent X Step-Through is ideal for riders 5'3" to 6'1" or anyone who has trouble lifting or opening their hip to put a leg over the frame while riding. This model features an open frame style so you NEVER have to throw a leg over to get on which is perfect for adding whatever cargo you need inside your basket on the included rear rack. The adjustable gel seat allows for a comfortable ride at various heights making it one of our most versatile models to date.

 Juiced Bikes Closer Look CrossCurrent X Step-Through

Engineered for the Long Haul

Ask any e-bike commuter what is the most important factor to them when choosing an e-bike and the answer will be the same – range. Just like miles per gallon are vital when shopping for a new car, you want to make sure your e-bike has enough juice to get you where you need to go – and then some. With our new 52v/15Ah battery, the Crosscurrent X Step-Through will get you an incredible 65+ miles on a SINGLE CHARGE! Even more potentially with 777 watts of power, our lightest model is also our most efficient model. 

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Less time stuck in Traffic, More time for FUN

What is more fun than cruising home on throttle through a late summer breeze at 20 mph? Using the different pedal assist levels to zoom home at speeds up to 28 mph - giving you even more time for after work adventures. The Crosscurrent X Step-Through takes you out of the traffic grind. It gives you the freedom to explore new areas and take in the natural scenery all while getting you where you need to go. The dual torque cadence sensor measures how hard you are pedaling up to 1000 times per second, delivering a symbiotic pedaling experience and the ultimate control over your models performance. Mile after mile, smile after smile, Juiced Bike owners know there isn't a better way to get to work. 

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X Step-Through Urban Exploring

At the end of the day, the best electric bike for commuting daily is the one that you feel most comfortable and safe while riding. The absolute pinnacle of e-bike commuting, the NEW CrossCurrent X Step-Through is a thoughtful addition to the lineup, engineered to provide distance, speed, comfort and safety. 

Get your hands on this electric masterpiece before summer is over. The Crosscurrent X Step-Through is IN STOCK NOW, ready to ship and ready to ride. Claim your new e-bike before summer riding disappears? 

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