Go Green with an Electric Bike and Save Money

Go Green with an Electric Bike and Save Money

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Another reason to buy an e-bike; replace your car miles and save money!

Just in case you needed another reason to buy an eco friendly electric bicycle, gas prices are going up quickly and they show no signs of slowing with summer approaching . Riding an electric bike is a great way to replace some (or possibly ALL) of your motor vehicle miles and doing so will save you hundreds of dollars in gas costs. Simply put recharging batteries is cheaper than driving a car. The electric motor uses less energy and reduces your carbon footprint. Reducing air pollution, helping global warming, and getting healthier! Is there any reason to hesitate in making the switch?

How did we get here?

As temperatures rise in spring and  summer, experts predict the cost of gas to skyrocket  based on several factors which happened over the course everyone's favorite year-2020. Production cutbacks due to staffing shortages and the overall lack of demand over the past year have not been ramped back up yet. As well as  the historic Texas freeze halting production at many of the country's largest refineries. What this means is as we get closer to summer the supply will be falling very short of the country's demand as people are heading back into the office and back on the road for summer vacations. The result: drivers will be paying a pretty penny if they choose to use a gas powered vehicle.

Go Green with an Electric BIke and Save Money

Dollars and Sense

When it comes down to it there is no comparison between gas costs vs electricity costs. “Nearly 90% of U.S. households report spending money on gasoline, an average of nearly $3,000 per year. The average US cost of gasoline per month is $250. Many of us are still paying for our vehicles, through leasing or financing. The average cost of car insurance is about $907 per year. 20% of households regularly pay for some form of public transportation, about $225 per month.”

According to the same article the average cost of all utilities including electricity, heating and cooking fuels, water/sewer/septic, trash collection, and phone service (including cell phones) is about $230 dollars on average. For the monthly cost of owning an e-bike check out this article from E-bike Pursuits which includes a great calculator to see what the actual cost of charging your e-bike would be. The cost of charging a 52v 13AH e-bike in San Diego is .50¢ . Anyone can see how electric makes more sense from an economic standpoint. 

Go Green with an Electric Bike and Save Money

What can we do?

  1. Ride an e-bike whenever and wherever you can - Choosing to commute to work with an e-bike means less demand for gas means prices can stay reasonable and possibly go down. That way you can afford the occasional road trip. 
  2. Try and get some money back!- See if your work/local government is offering any incentives for riding an e-bike. 
  3. Be the Change - Talk to your local biking coalition and see how you can effect change in your community - you will ride your e-bike more and use your car less if there is better biking infrastructure in your city. They also offer bike safety classes if you do not yet feel confident enough in your skills to commute safely along with traffic. 
  4. Take it to the next level -  Call your local representative and see what can be done on a state level to make it easier and more beneficial to ride.  Want to know more about how you can  help support e-bike tax credit legislation? New E-BIKE Act Would Offer Tax Credit for Electric Bicycle Purchases | People for Bikes

Juiced is proud to offer one of the widest assortment of e-bike styles in the market, from moped-style functionality with the HyperScorpion, to fat-tire utility with the RipCurrent S, and a commuting powerhouse with the CrossCurrent X. Every e-bike in our lineup is equipped with a massive 52V battery (in the case of the HyperScrambler 2... TWO 52V batteries), with riding ranges of 70-100+ miles. There's a reason Forbes recently called Juiced Bikes 'a true car replacement'. Check out our complete portfolio of gas-saving electric bikes!

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