Electric Bike Health Benefits

Electric Bike Health Benefits

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Electric Bike Health Benefits

It's no secret regular exercise is one of the best ways to stay healthy. While maintaining a balanced diet and avoiding unhealthy habits are also good for you, physical activity will improve the way you live long-term. It doesn't have to be as involved as an intense workout schedule or playing a competitive sport, either. From light cardio to weight training and everything in between, the name of the game is to keep your body moving.

There are many different levels of intensity, but you should start wherever you feel most comfortable. If you try to push yourself too hard, it can result in injuries that require long periods of healing or prevent you from keeping a regular schedule. Those who are elderly, have preexisting injuries or are new to working out should take extra precautions and choose a fitness method that provides a proper intensity level.

One way to keep in shape and get an effective, low-strain workout in daily is by using an electric bike, or e-bike. E-bikes are much like bicycles, but they have a motor to assist the rider. However, unlike mopeds, the motor won't do all the work — you still have to pedal. The motor helps with inclines and fatigue, allowing you to get the same health benefits as riding a regular bicycle without overexerting yourself.

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Electric Bikes Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss is a different journey for every individual, and each person's body will respond better or worse to particular kinds of exercise. But one of the best methods to lose weight and improve overall health is through forms of cardio. Cardio-focused exercise burns calories fast, meaning you'll be able to shed extra pounds and improve your overall health. Because they boost cardiovascular health, you absolutely can lose weight on an electric bike.

High-intensity interval training is one of the most effective methods of exercise to facilitate boosts in overall fitness, metabolism and growth hormone production. This combination results in a higher level of fat burn. Interval training involves alternating between periods where you push yourself, going all out for a short amount of time, and taking recovery periods, where you keep moving at a lower intensity for twice the length of time as your push intervals.

Electric Bikes Can Help You Lose Weight

Electric bikes are great for interval training, as they allow you to focus more on your intensity level than trying to compensate for inclines and comfort. By keeping up moderate intensity and using alternating intervals to your advantage, you can burn calories on an electric bike easily.

Not only are electric bikes great for interval training, but studies show that electric bike riders tend to ride for longer durations and distances than traditional bicycle riders. Because electric bike riders can easily adjust the intensity of their workout by using more or less electric assist, they find that it's much easier to ride for longer periods and distances, whereas traditional bike riders may get tired and have to stop at shorter distances.

One of the best parts of using an e-bike as a means of losing weight is that you don't necessarily have to reserve time in your day to attain the health benefits. Because e-bikes are also a great form of transportation, you can integrate daily rides seamlessly into your schedule. To begin your electric bike weight loss journey, replace one car or public transit trip per day with a ride.

E-Bikes Make It Easier to Exercise

Not only are electric bikes good exercise in general, but they also make getting in a daily workout easier for anyone. Regular cycling can be too intense for many people, and walks can be uninspiring and won't get your heart rate up much. When using an e-bike, you'll benefit from lower intensity and have the ability to travel further distances. You may even enjoy the ride more than a walk, meaning you'll be looking at the clock less and at the views more.

While they still provide an adequate level of intensity for non-limited people looking to maintain their fitness, e-bikes are also a perfect option for individuals who are elderly or out of shape. Where traditional cycling, jogging or walking long distances might not be an option for health-related reasons, electric bikes can help anyone achieve their fitness goals. Some of the top ways e-bikes make exercise easier are by providing the following.

  • Extra boosts: While you may only be able to cover a limited space while walking or cycling, with help from a motor, you can cover miles of distance without getting tired or needing to quit for the day. Also, if you want to use it as an alternative method of transportation as well as an exercise tool, you can ride to your destination without showing up looking visibly sweaty or fatigued. It makes an excellent substitute for a car or bus ride, either daily or occasionally.
  • Pedal assist: One of the features on battery-powered e-bikes is pedal assist, which can help reduce the intensity and amount of strain you feel during your ride. The added boosts you can get from the battery can help you get up steep inclines, or even just supplement your pedaling whenever you begin to feel tired. It'll also help you get to your destination faster without having to pedal as much as you would on a motorless bike.
  • Low impact: While running can be a great source of cardio, it can often do a lot of harm to your body. The impact your joints receive with every step can do both short-term and long-term damage. Higher levels of impact make it more difficult to recover and potentially put a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on your joints. Lower-intensity cycling takes away the strain, allowing you to ride wherever you want without worry. Low-intensity cycling is gentle enough that it's a recommended form of exercise for individuals with arthritis or other joint struggles.

With options to somewhat tailor your experience, you can go out for a ride and give yourself a challenge with more intensity. Or, you can decide to take it easy for the day and rely a little more on the motor. If you start in one mood, you can always change your level of intensity at any point, even midway through. As compared to those who choose traditional cycling, people with e-bikes are taking them out more frequently and staying out for extended periods.

E-bikes are making it easier for people of all ages and levels of fitness to get moving. From getting in a workout to using them for a daily commute, you'll have the ability to choose how intense you want to make your ride. With a consistent schedule, you can get fit on an electric bike.

On top of being great for exercise, e-bikes are just plain fun to ride. Electric bikes make it incredibly easy to reach and maintain high speeds, travel long distances, and cruise up challenging hills without even breaking a sweat. So whether you are using your e-bike to commute to work, taking a leisurely ride with friends and family, or pushing your limits to see how fast you can ride, you'll find that the smoothe and effortless experience of riding an e-bike is something that you'll enjoy for years to come.

E-Bikes Get Your Blood Pumping

Heart health is an essential part of your overall fitness. One of the best ways to keep your heart in tip-top shape is through aerobic exercise. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control recommend accomplishing a weekly minimum goal of about two and a half hours of moderate-intensity aerobic activity for adults to gain substantial health benefits. The more work you put in, the more benefits you'll get out of your exercise.

Electric bikes are a perfect way to accomplish your aerobic activity goals and improve your heart health. While it is a less intense option compared to traditional cycling, you can still achieve similar cardiovascular benefits, and research has shown e-bikes provide a better workout than walking. In a study surrounding the health benefits of e-bikes, researchers found riders hit the activity benchmark of moderate-intensity or higher.

Because e-bikes provide the required level of intensity to achieve substantial cardiovascular health benefits, riding them for two and a half hours per week or more will show improvements in previously inactive people. Not only are these benefits essential to living a healthier lifestyle, but they're also permanent. Longer rides mean better heart health, in the short term and long run.

Working on improving your cardiovascular health leads to more significant benefits.

  • Reducing your risk of developing diseases or complications: Cardio can decrease your chances of suffering from heart disease and stroke, which are among the leading causes of death in the U.S. and also two of the most preventable health issues. Some of the risk factors you can control through reaching the minimum weekly aerobic goals include diabetes, becoming overweight or obese, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These factors are what lead to future heart complications and strokes, and are preventable through exercise, such as riding an e-bike.
  • Fostering better physical health overall: Cardiovascular health links to weight, as improving one can directly affect the other. Moderate to high-intensity exercise does more than giving your heart a workout. It also fosters weight loss and burns harmful fats that can cause high blood pressure and other diseases.

With more than one in three adults currently living with the negative effects of cardiovascular disease, maintaining a healthy heart is a worthy endeavor. Putting a consistent effort into keeping yourself moving will stave off the potential for developing these potentially fatal conditions. Regularly riding an e-bike is more than enough activity to significantly diminish the risks of heart disease and maintain your cardiovascular fitness.

E-Bikes Get You Outside

When it comes to getting exercise, many people turn to indoor solutions. Gym memberships can be convenient for quick workouts, as many of them have multiple forms of exercise equipment. But using indoor stationary bicycles won't provide you with the same health benefits as outdoor equivalents.

Electric Bikes Provide Greater Health Benefits Than Stationary Bikes

For one, using stationary bicycles in a gym or home setting is typically dull. There's no motivation to it, besides numbers that tell you how far you've gone, how long you've been riding and how many calories you've burned. But why stare at data points when you could be enjoying the beautiful views of a local park or other outdoor spaces? The desire to see more will motivate you in a way numbers cannot, and if you want to keep track of miles or time, you can still do so with a mobile application or a little math.

Besides using e-bikes specifically for exercise, they're also a great alternative to commuting in a car or using public transit. Not only will you save money on gas and travel expenses, but you can get in a bit of physical activity on your way to and from your destination. Since you're still propelling the bike by pedaling and it doesn't get its power solely from the motor, you can also use designated bike lanes. It's better for your health, and you won't have to sit in traffic.

On the scientific end of things, exposure to outdoor stimulation is an ideal way to improve and maintain cognitive health. With the continually rising development of technology, people are more and more likely to be satisfied with living sedentary lives. Computers and mobile devices are modern conveniences most people wouldn't be able to go without. Between office jobs, indoor gyms and electronic entertainment, people are seeking outdoor experiences less than ever before.

However, outdoor stimulation and physical activity provide a significant health benefit. As individuals age, their brainpower weakens, affecting both psychological and cognitive health. Studies have shown riding e-bikes not only improves these faculties, but also that riders get a bigger boost in processing speed and sense of well-being than even traditional cyclists.

The same study also showed people who use e-bikes rather than motorless bicycles have more confidence in themselves to ride every day. The lower level of physical exertion makes the challenge of exercise seem much more doable, even for individuals over 50. With fewer doubts about your abilities, you'll be able to spend more time outside, enjoying the views and gaining a significant mental benefit.

In addition to these improvements, riding electric bikes can be an enjoyable experience overall. Whether you like to spend your rides appreciating some alone time or prefer the company of friends, there's no doubt happiness is a health benefit. You can even invite your friends, family members or co-workers to take part in group cycling outings, which is an excellent way to get outside, get moving and make positive memories.

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Juiced Bikes focuses on bringing you innovative and high-quality products so you can attain your fitness goals sooner. Some of our industry-leading features include:

With these features and more, you'll benefit from a smoother ride, the ability to travel further distances and extended time for exercise. All of our bikes come ready to ride, right out of the box for the most convenient user experience possible. From commuters who want a more eco-friendly option to e-bike enthusiasts to adults who want to step up their fitness, Juiced Bikes has the perfect solution to elevate your ride.

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