10 Reasons You Need an E-Bike for Hunting

10 Reasons You Need an E-Bike for Hunting

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10 Reasons You Need an E-Bike for Hunting

Have you ever used an electric bike, or e-bike, for hunting? If not, you're in for a treat. Their compact size helps you maneuver around even the most challenging hunting spots, while built-in features like pedal assist and throttle make navigating rough terrain and inclines easier than ever.

Read on to learn the top benefits of electric bikes for hunting and what to consider when you shop electric hunting bikes.

1. E-Bikes Offer Simple and Quick Navigation

Gone are the days of walking miles upon miles across all terrain. An e-bike makes it easier than ever to navigate your favorite field, forest or trail, all thanks to built-in pedal assist and throttle. Here's how each features works.

  • Pedal assist technology lets you take advantage of manual peddling with motor assistance for more powerful, faster movements across varied terrain.
  • Throttle is when you move your e-bike without manual peddling, which is ideal when you need a break or are carrying a lot of gear. 
Juiced Bikes models with 750-watt motors can reach as much as 20 miles per hour with the throttle and 28 miles per hour with pedal assist, while our 1,000-watt models can reach up to 30 and 35 miles per hour under the same conditions.


Rather than having to walk around your hunting area, which could be miles wide, you can move around quickly using an e-bike. This extra time means you can spend more minutes tracking and hunting your game. Plus, when you run into inclement weather, you can head back to camp or home as fast as possible.

2. E-Bikes Are Quiet, Unlike Other Options

Unlike cars, trucks, ATVs and motorcycles, e-bikes offer a smooth, quiet ride, without the following:

  • Emissions: Your vehicle can emit up to 8,887 grams of carbon dioxide per one gallon of fuel — not to mention possible methane, nitrous oxide and hydrofluorocarbon. Some wildlife may be sensitive to the smell and disruption of gasses and chemicals, and emissions also pose a significant threat to the environment in your favorite hunting spot. Comparably, e-bikes are far less detectable, only emitting about 22 grams of carbon dioxide per mile.
  • Dust: ATV, car and truck tires stir up dust, leaving detectable clouds in their wake, drawing attention to your location. On the other hand, e-bikes are lightweight, and their tires have less impact on the terrain for a virtually undetectable way to travel.
  • Vibrations: The vibrations from large vehicles and ATVs alert wildlife, causing them to move away from the area in most cases. However, e-bikes won't vibrate, shift or jolt, even when you're moving quickly.

3. E-Bikes Make It Easier to Transport Your Gear

You can pair an e-bike with a durable rack or trailer for simple, convenient storage for all your equipment. Because hunting gear takes up excess space and can be cumbersome to carry, especially if you're going uphill and downhill a lot, you want an accessible way to stow your equipment. In some cases, heavy hunting packs can cause shoulder and back pain that could have lingering effects and interfere with your aim or time outdoors. 

Depending on where, how and what you're hunting, you could need gear like:

 E-Bikes Make it Easier to Transport Gear

  • A flashlight with batteries
  • A first aid kit
  • Food and water
  • Binoculars
  • A rangefinder
  • Rain gear
  • Guns or bows
  • Ammunition and case
  • Processing knives
  • Gloves
  • Game bags
  • A survival blanket
  • A game call
  • Your hunting license
  • Game tags
  • Toilet paper
  • Two-way radios
  • A towel
  • Hand warmers
  • A cushion
  • A cooler

If your hunting trip also includes overnight camping, you also have to add the weight of a tent, cooking supplies, sleeping bag, and more. How do you keep all of these items stored without needing to carry them around? An e-bike helps you transport your necessary gear without putting any strain on your body. As a result, you can have a more enjoyable hunting trip.

4. E-Bikes Make It Easier to Transport Your Game

Attach a high-capacity cargo trailer to your e-bike to transport your game back home or to the nearest processing site. Before processing, animals are heavy and bulky to carry, especially if you're deep in the woods and far from your vehicle. 

A cargo trailer attached to your electric hunting bike takes the strain out of your hunting trip, so you can spend more time tracking and enjoying your time outdoors.

5. E-Bikes Handle Challenging Terrain

An e-bike with fat, all-terrain tires delivers a smooth ride across rough terrain, including hills, rocky trails, unpaved roads and fields. Additionally, fat tire e-bikes offer optimal balance for beginners while still providing enough challenge and adventure for the experienced rider. These e-bikes can even handle ice, snow, mud, sand and surface water without sinking, slipping or getting stuck, creating a level of versatility and accessibility you can't get on foot. Compared to ATVs, all-terrain fat tire e-bikes are lighter and easier to navigate without tiring or stopping for fuel.

Beyond hunting, you can take an all-terrain tire e-bike to the beach, on a fishing trip or use it for outdoor explorations and competitions. Therefore, an investment in an e-bike goes beyond hunting. It's a piece of equipment you can use to enjoy your favorite outdoor experiences.

6. E-Bikes Can Help You Cover More Ground

With a hunting e-bike, you have the power and dexterity to cover more ground in less time. The base model e-bikes from Juiced Bikes have a 13-amp battery capacity, which gets you a minimum of 45 miles per full charge on standard terrain. Our higher volt models with a 19.2-amp battery will get you at least 70 miles. Some new models, like the HyperScrambler 2, have a dual-battery option for all-day riding across more than 100 miles on a single charge.

ATVs make it about the same distance on a tank of gas — but unlike gas tanks, you can bring a charged backup battery for your e-bike when you want to travel a long distance without stopping. You're also spared expensive fuel costs and long lines at the gas station.

Exactly how much ground your e-bike can cover depends on a combination of several factors, including:

  • Terrain conditions
  • Temperature
  • How often you brake
  • Tire pressure and quality
  • Wind force
  • Turns and hills
  • Manual peddling force
  • Bike condition

7. E-Bikes Leave No Scent Trail

Deer have hundreds of millions of smell receptors in their nose. Compared to our five million, it's easy to understand why there are so many scent-blocking products on the market. Wildlife can detect your smell, or the smell of your vehicle, long before you even know they're there — and, unfortunately, it can send them running to the hills away from your trail. 

Unlike gas tanks and vehicle exhaust, e-bikes leave no scent trail for wildlife to pick up on. 

E-Bikes Leave No Scent Trail

Pair it with your best scent blocking gear, and you'll have all the stealth you need to track and find your next catch without any issues.

8. E-Bikes Have Greater Access Than Motorized Vehicles

How many trails and hunting areas have you missed out on because you couldn't fit your truck or ATV onto the narrow path or because they were restricted to motorized vehicles? E-bikes let you bypass most land restrictions because they're compact and lightweight enough to maneuver through tight openings, sharp turns and some protected areas. In most cities and states, you can drive your e-bike on public roadways and bike paths, saving you the hassle of an extra vehicle for commuting to and from your hunting grounds.

Many outdoor organizations promote e-bike use for their environmental benefits, including the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Some BLM-managed sites have the authority to determine which trails are accessible for e-bikes and are working toward making more of them available for public use. The U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service reports more than 60,000 miles of trails and roads are open to e-bike users at national forests and grasslands across the country.

Always consult private trail owners or public land managers for more information on your local e-bike laws, registration requirements and hunting restrictions.

9. E-Bike Maintenance Is Easy

Taking care of your e-bike will help it last longer and perform better, continuing to give you a quick, fun and reliable way around your hunting site. 

Maintenance includes:

  • Regular inspections: Regular inspections will help you monitor your e-bike and notice any issues that could lead to more costly repairs or breakdowns. Unlike vehicles and ATVs, it's easy to inspect your e-bike before and after each use. Be sure to gauge your tire pressure, check chains and cables for wear and test the brakes before you leave for your hunting trip.
  • Preventive maintenance: Annual tune-ups keep your e-bike in optimal shape. Your bike servicer will take a look at all electrical components, including moving parts, displays, cables, speed sensors, brakes, chains, tires and gauges. They'll recommend any replacements or upgrades and make repairs to keep your bike looking and riding its best.
  • Thorough cleaning: Clean away dirt buildup and mud with warm, soapy water and a gentle cleaning cloth. Avoid using harsh scrubbers or abrasive cleaning agents, or you could hurt the paint or seat fabric. Talk to your manufacturer for specific product recommendations if you want an extra-clean shine.
  • Parts replacement: Replace parts, including tires, brakes, chains, cables and sensors, as needed. Never attempt to use your e-bike or take it on a long hunting trip if something isn't working correctly.

It's a good idea to remove your e-bike's battery and store it in a safe indoor place during the winter to prevent temperature and ice-related damage, like buildup or frozen lines. Consult your bike manual for specific care and storage instructions.

10. E-Bikes Are More Affordable Than Motorized Alternatives

Motorized vehicles are expensive. The average car costs nearly $10,000 per year for factors like fuel, upkeep, insurance and repairs — and that's not including the initial purchase price. ATVs can run you hundreds of dollars in maintenance and repairs alone, possibly more if you need to replace an expensive component. Considering the average hunting grounds are full of rough terrain, unpredictable wildlife and the wear and tear of unpaved roads, maintaining your vehicle will get expensive over time.

E-bikes only cost an average of $200 per year after the initial purchase. This cost includes the price of battery charging and maintenance, annual checkups, insurance and miscellaneous expenses. Buying an e-bike is more affordable than purchasing a new or used car, truck or ATV, and it's an investment that pays off. You can put those savings toward better gear, more ammunition or bike upgrades to make hauling your game easier.

How to Choose the Best Electric Bicycle for Hunting

How to Choose the Best Electric Bike for Hunting

Nothing is as important as having quality gear you can rely on while hunting — and your transportation should be no exception. Consider the following factors when choosing the right e-bike for your next hunting trip:


  • Size: The best electric bike for hunting is one that easily accommodates your size, weight and additional features, like a cargo trailer or rack. Every e-bike has a maximum rider weight and can accommodate various loads, depending on your cargo trailer.
  • Features: Look closely at the e-bike's transmission speed, total weight, battery voltage, seat type, wheel style and other features, like USB ports and LCD displays. Our e-bikes use either a thumb throttle or twist throttle, with pedal assist available on all models.
  • Accessories: Upgrade your e-bike and outfit it to accommodate your hunting trail needs with optional accessories, like locks, security alarms, mounts, racks, fenders, horns and off-road kits.
  • Style: Juiced Bikes has an e-bike model for every type of rider, including moped-style, commuter-style, fat tire and fast and fun adventure variations. Some models are also available in your choice of color, like yellow, red, black, silver and blue.
  • Manufacturer: Choose an e-bike manufacturer you can trust. At Juiced Bikes, we're driven by our passion for riding and pushing boundaries with superior-quality bikes and attentive customer service to help you choose and care for your investment. Read our reviews to see why our customers love shopping and working with us.

Take our e-bike quiz to learn more about which bike is right for you and your needs and compare popular Juiced Bikes models to make the best choice for your lifestyle.

Juiced Bikes Will Help You Find the Perfect E-Bike

E-bikes are a quiet, cost-efficient and versatile alternative to taking trucks, cars and ATVs on the trails. They won't emit vibrations or leave a scent trail and will help you navigate challenging paths and terrain. 

Shop our selection today and enjoy free shipping on all e-bikes!

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