Everything You Need to Know About All-Terrain Electric Bikes

Everything You Need to Know About All-Terrain Electric Bikes

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All Terrain Electric Bikes

All-terrain electric bikes are sweeping the globe and becoming an obsession among riders who desire versatile e-bikes that can tackle any landscape. As passionate riders and manufactures of top-quality electric bikes, the team at Juiced Bikes has developed a line of all-terrain e-bikes to change the way you travel. Our eight unique e-bike designs blend fun with functionality, delivering a comfortable electric bike you can ride virtually anywhere in a variety of weather conditions. Some of our top-selling models are our fat tire e-bikes that are exceptionally adaptable to a wide variety of terrains.

Is a Fat Tire E-Bike Right for You?

Whether you're researching your first e-bike or searching for an upgrade that will give you increased surface contact needed to explore new landscapes, a fat tire e-bike from Juiced Bikes will deliver the superior quality you're looking for. Shopping for the best electric bikes for hunting, for the snow or for the beach is simple. We've put together this guide to help you discover the amazing new roads only fat tire riders can enjoy.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy an All-Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike

An electric bike is a versatile machine that provides riders with several benefits over traditional bicycles. Regardless of whether you ride for sport or if you're one of the thousands of men and women around the world choosing to commute on two wheels instead of four, an e-bike is an excellent resource. Riders from the United States, China and Europe purchase e-bikes to save money, help the environment, get exercise and eliminate the hassles associated with driving.

Fat tire electric bicycles are a specific type of e-bike with unique advantages. Of the many great reasons to buy an all-terrain fat tire electric bike, these are our top five.

 Top 5 Reasons to Buy an All Terrain E-Bike

  1. Fat tire bikes offer beginners balance: If this is your first time learning how to ride an all-terrain electric bike — or a bicycle in general — fat tire e-bikes provide you the stability you need to boost your confidence. A slow, comfortable start to learning how to ride an e-bike will minimize injuries and allow you to increase your pace on your terms. Instead of a suspension system, the fat tires provide shock absorption, making the ride more comfortable.
  2. It's still a challenge for experienced riders: E-bikes for off-road use provide the stability beginners need to get moving, but that doesn't mean seasoned riders will quickly become bored. All-terrain electric bikes offer plenty of new challenges for advanced riders. The increased weight of the bike requires more strength and handling to accelerate to higher speeds. Intermediate and advanced riders can also challenge themselves by learning to ride across tricky terrain such as snow and sand.
  3. There are special fat tire e-bike competitions: The increasing popularity of e-bikes is naturally leading to friendly competition among riders. Some sports associations schedule events exclusively for fat tire e-bikes to give riders fun new challenges to overcome.
  4. You can ride nearly anywhere: Ice, snow, mud, sand and water — these surface elements that typically create obstacles for traditional bike tires are easy to overcome on a fat tire e-bike. You won't slip or sink into wet or soft surfaces, which makes an e-bike ideal for anyone living in regions with heavy rain and snow. The additional weight of a fat tire e-bike also helps keep it steady in heavy winds. And, as enjoyable as it is for recreation, this e-bike is also useful for commuting.
  5. It's more fun than you imagine: Trust us — the first time you take an all-terrain fat tire e-bike for a ride, you'll see why it offers an entirely different experience than a standard electric bike. As you tackle trails that are muddy, snowy or sandy, you'll discover fat tire e-bikes are indispensable partners for your unstoppable adventures.

Choosing the Right Size

As excited as you might be to hop on an e-bike and tear through any terrain standing in your way, you need to make sure you're buying the model that's the perfect fit for you. One of the most crucial decisions in picking out a new e-bike is making sure you choose a model that gives you the most comfortable ride possible. Like any other type of bicycle, you need to select the size that will work for you. According to our Juiced Bikes sizing chart:

  • 5'2" to 5'5" should consider a medium stepthru
  • 5'5" to 5'6" should try both a medium stepthru and a medium standard
  • 5'6" to 5'8" medium standard
  • 5'8" to 5'9" medium or large
  • 5'9" to 6'0" should use a large
  • 6'0" to 6'1" may try both a large or extra-large
  • 6'1" to 6'4" extra-large
  • 6'4" and above will require an extra-extra large

Juiced Bikes produces three amazing fat tire models built to handle whatever the road throws at you.

  • RipCurrent Fat Tire E-Bike: Perfect for beginners, this fun yet practical e-bike is quick to charge. It's capable of Class 2 speeds of 20 miles per hour with the throttle only, and 28 miles per hour with pedal assist.
  • RipCurrent S Fat Tire E-Bike: This RipCurrent is fully loaded and delivers high-performance. It can handle Class 3 speed, and its additional features include a rack, fenders and a rear LED light.
  • HyperFat 1100 Fat Tire E-Bike: Offering extreme performance for extreme riders, the HyperFat is an off-road electric bicycle capable of 40 miles per hour with pedal assist. There's nothing this all-terrain e-bike can't handle.

Using an E-Bike for Hunting

Hunting and fishing are two of the most exciting outdoor activities you can partake in. However, these activities can also require much more patience, resourcefulness and strategy than most people realize. Any piece of gear and equipment could either aid or limit your success on the field and stream. If you enjoy following your game as the conditions dictate or if you tend to cover a large area to scout and check cameras, you know how difficult it can be to get from place to place quickly and quietly.

Many hunters and anglers use one of two options — either drive to a convenient location and travel the rest of the way on foot, or use a golf cart or ATV to move each blind or fishing spot. Walking allows you to advance into the field quietly. Unfortunately, this means you also have to carry all your gear and lose valuable time. A vehicle is great for transportation and speed, but it's loud and can't always access the areas you wish to travel.

Thankfully, the best electric bikes for hunting can eliminate these issues. Not only do you retain the speed and towing power of a vehicle, but you also gain several other advantages that enhance your outdoor experience.

 Benefits of Using an E-Bike for Hunting

  • Transporting gear: Fat tire e-bikes are rated to transport roughly 300 pounds of weight, allowing you to carry plenty of gear with you. You can also use the strength of your e-bike to haul a small trailer, so you'll never have to leave any valuable equipment behind.
  • Leave no scent, make no sound: Imagine having the optimal weather conditions, only to warn game to stay away from the sounds and smells coming from a motor. Many animals spook easily and can lead you hundreds of acres farther than you intended. Using an e-bike for hunting gives you a surprisingly stealthy way to follow the game trail without producing noises or scents animals may pick up dozens of yards away.
  • More access: Combining the strength and speed of a motor with the accessibility of a bicycle, an e-bike takes you wherever you want to go. Weather will not stop you from crossing muddy or snowy trails, allowing you to move between destinations as conveniently as possible. Keep in mind the law classifies many electric bikes as bicycles, not vehicles. That means you can ride your e-bike into areas where motor vehicles like cars, ATVs and golf carts are off-limits.
  • Low environmental impact: As a responsible hunter or angler, you know the importance of respecting Mother Nature. Fuel-based vehicles increase your carbon footprint by polluting the air, ground and water. Electric bikes, however, are environmentally friendly solutions that minimize your negative impact. Using a fat tire e-bike for hunting is a responsible way to not only preserve your hunting area, but to also lessen your carbon footprint in all contexts of your life.


Juiced Bikes knows the best electric bikes for hunting are the ones that offer the most convenience. Speed and portability are helpful, but the versatility of fat tire e-bikes enables you to travel farther, carry more gear and create a minimal disruption in nature. By using a fat tire e-bike out on the game trail or near the water's edge, you get a reliable ride that doesn't limit your potential.

Riding an E-Bike on the Beach

Who doesn't love cruising along the coast? The smell of the saltwater, the cool ocean breeze and the warmth of the sun create the perfect environment for a relaxing ride on the beach. Fat tire all-terrain e-bikes from Juiced Bikes give you the support and handling you need for ocean or lakeside rides. Our fat tire bikes for the beach offer hours of fun and relaxation, but before you roll across the sand, we suggest you consider a few pieces of advice.

Having an off-road electric bicycle is exciting — who wouldn't feel tempted to ride across any terrain available? Although stretches of sand may seem like an effortless surface to conquer, you should know even fat bikes for the beach require a little more push than a light pedal. Riding any bike on the beach is not easy. Fat tire Juiced Bikes will make your experience smoother, especially if you follow a few of these helpful tips we've learned while cruising along the coast.


  1. Be prepared to pedal: The beach is unlike any other surface, which means you'll have to adjust your riding style slightly. To keep moving forward, you'll need to keep pedaling. You may be on a flat surface, but you'll likely have to use the same strength as you would biking up a decent grade. Portions of the beach may change depending on the tide and weather, so it's best to head into this ride knowing you'll have to work a little harder than on a normal roadway.
  2. Check your tire pressure: On the trail, you'll need a higher tire pressure. On the beach, however, you may want to lower your PSI. Lower tire pressure will give the tire more contact area with the surface. If you are changing terrain before or after a ride on the sand, you may want to adjust your tire pressure appropriately.
  3. Ride near the shoreline: One way to make the ride smoother is to ride closer to the shoreline. Find a patch of sand that's slightly wet for a more compact surface. Riding along this area as the tide is receding increases your chance for the best conditions.
  4. Clean your e-bike with fresh water: Sand and seawater will inevitably make their way onto your e-bike. After your ride, make sure you take care of your bike by cleaning it off with fresh water. We recommend wiping your bike down with a damp towel after a ride, then drying it off with a dry towel, or letting the bike air dry.

E-Bike Performance in Snow

One downside to riding a traditional bicycle in a region with seasonal variations is that the weather can limit your opportunities for enjoying the ride at some times of the year. Within a few short hours overnight, snow, ice and slush can cover a clear and clean surface, making it quite a difficult feat to ride over. It's especially inconvenient for those who use their bikes to commute to work, hunt or as a means of transporting necessary supplies.

Riding on the sand is one experience, but riding in the snow is another adventure altogether. Unless you're riding an electric bike that is well-suited for a variety of weather conditions, you may get stranded when the flurries begin to fall. Thankfully, fat tire e-bikes are some of the best electric bikes for snow. Regardless of whether there's a fresh blanket of snow, a sudden patch of black ice or a mucky mound of slush, fat tire electric bikes are much better designed to handle this rugged terrain.

Similar to how they handle in the sand and mud, the larger tire sizes allow fat tire e-bikes to make more contact with the surface. Since the snow, slush and ice may vary depending on changing conditions, you may need to put some extra effort into pedaling and handling during the ride. Here are a few tips you should follow for safe riding in winter weather.

Tips for Riding an E-Bike in the Snow

  • Wear winter clothing: Always dress to stay warm and anticipate temperatures could drop severely. You should wear bright, reflective clothing to remain visible. Make sure to cover yourself from head to toe in layers that will insulate you, yet prevent you from overheating. The best advice is to dress as if you were engaging in another snowy sport such as skiing. Ensure this clothing also provides you with the range of motion you need to ride properly.
  • Bring emergency supplies: This tip is especially vital if you're riding into areas where you may not encounter others. You should refrain from riding alone in winter weather conditions. When you do ride, have a plan for getting back before dark, and be familiar with other routes you can take should the weather worsen. It's wise to bring a flashlight, fire source, space blanket, knife, compass and charged cell phone with you. Always tell someone where you plan to ride and what time you expect to be back.
  • Warm your battery: Like a car battery, you need to keep your electric bike battery warm. Never charge a cold battery. Always dry and store your battery in a warm place when you're not charging or using it. You can cover your battery when it's not in use to keep it insulated and prevent moisture from touching it.
  • Clean your bike: As you would after riding on the beach, you should properly clean your bike after riding in the snow. To remove any moisture, dirt, salt, or sand, wipe your bike down with a damp cloth after a ride, then allow the bike to air dry. Depending on where you store your bike, you may want to lightly dry it with a towel instead of air-drying it. If you're keeping the battery on the bike while in storage, make sure this area is completely dry.
  • Store it correctly: Your fat tire electric bike is an investment — treat it like one. If you have to park it outdoors while you're out riding, protect it with either a full or partial bike cover. Store it inside a warm, secure area when you've finished riding.
  • Ride responsibly: No matter how well your fat tire electric bike handles winter weather, conditions can always change and make your ride significantly more difficult. Ride slowly over ice and slush. If you're riding near other bicycles or vehicles, remember they can also lose control and create an accident. When riding at night, make sure you have bright, visible lighting.

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