12/13 SCORPION Update: From CEO Tora Harris

12/13 SCORPION Update: From CEO Tora Harris

To all of our Scorpion Indiegogo backers and pre-sale customers, a huge THANK YOU for your support and enthusiasm for this amazing new e-bike. I’ve been anxious to share a production update, but we’ve been extremely busy preparing our factory, completing tooling trials, inspecting components and now building pre-production units.

We are grateful for your patience as we continue through this very laborious phase of our production. It’s also worth noting that we’ve decided to limit the release of pre-production Scorpion images and videos because of the increasing number of imitations and counterfeits that look surprisingly similar to our most popular e-bikes, including the new Scorpion. 

The  GOOD NEWS is that we’re on schedule to begin shipping Scorpion e-bikes in March. For our earliest backers, we may be shipping bikes even sooner. We have a very fun surprise for all of our Scorpion backers and pre-sale customers that you’ll discover soon and, in the next couple of months, we’ll have some really exciting updates (including videos) to share. Make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel, sign-up for our email newsletter, follow us on social and/or keep checking our blog for the latest and greatest Scorpion news! 

Finished Production of Scorpion Frames:


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