NEW 12/31 SCORPION Production Update

NEW 12/31 SCORPION Production Update

The Weekly Squeeze

It's the final week of December and I just returned to the factory to start assembly of our first batch of  Scorpion e-bikes. We started with the black Scorpion with the "mag" wheels. The Juiced logo graphics look really awesome on the semi gloss black frames! 

The production units, with all tooled parts, feel way more solid than the prototypes. We've made tremendous progress this week and are very happy to report that we're still on schedule to begin shipping Scorpions to our early backers in March! 

A few of our followers have asked about the higher handlebars. Because the wheels are 20”, the bars need to be taller. That required tooling and lab testing and was not complete when the initial Scorpion prototypes were made, so we used the old one from the Scrambler.  Those are actually a little too low for the Scorpion. The new bars are way more comfortable.  Also the Scorpion has much more gear on the handle bar, so the grip part needs to be much longer to accommodate the extra signal/horn switch, USB port and rear view mirror.  We needed to build a custom handle bar.  The result is the center spacing appears more narrow, and the bar appears taller.

We're currently road testing the production units.  And finalizing the software which will be flashed on the shipping bikes.  The dual suspension works insanely well to smooth out bumps.

Such a fun bike to ride!  We'll be providing an update on the HyperScorpion  soon.

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