Back to School on an E-Bike

Back to School on an E-Bike

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It’s here...the dreaded dilemma every student faces at the beginning of the school year: how will I get to class? After more than a year of virtual learning, the majority of students across the U.S. are heading back to class in-person. Many students AND parents have had some time off from facing this common commuting conundrum. Not all students have the luxury of bringing a car to campus with them, making getting from point A to B another challenge in an already stressful schedule. The best solution? An electric bike. It’s the perfect transportation alternative to avoid walking miles to class, running basic errands, or dealing with traffic nightmares – and choosing the right model is crucial. Juiced makes high-performance e-bikes for just about every terrain and lifestyle, including an excellent selection for school commuting. 

Here are all the ways heading back-to-school on a Juiced Bike will help you ace the  school year!

Juiced Bikes Back to School on an E-Bike

Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike on Campus 

You have a full schedule on your plate, and you want to make the most of every moment. An e-bike can help you take charge of your life and maximize your school experience. Here are a few ways your e-bike will improve your daily life:

  • Make it to class on time, every time: Traffic is a killer for commuters, and the long walk from the dorms or parking lot to class can be just as challenging. E-bikes make it easy to pick up speed while giving you the flexibility to transition between roads and bike paths, leading to a quicker commute every time. All Juiced Bikes go up to 28mph with pedal assist and some EVEN FASTER! You’re sure to never miss the homeroom bell while riding one of these to school.

Juiced Bikes Back to School on a Scorpion X

  • Skip the parking hassle: E-bikes lock to any bike rack or post outside your building, meaning you won't have to worry about expensive parking passes, costly tickets or towing fees. Plus, you'll save tons of time you would otherwise spend searching the entire lot for a decent parking spot.
  • Reduce your gas usage: E-bikes have two power sources — electricity and you — making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly transportation option for any student. Get yourself an e-bike to cruise around campus and save some extra cash, rather than sending it down the drain at the gas pump.
  • Earn extra money: Looking for a part-time gig while in school? Get a job as a delivery driver with an online service or your local sandwich shop to make tips without the hassle of insurance or fluctuating fuel prices. The HyperScorpion Express is the top-of-line cargo e-bike that can carry almost anything – including late night pizza.
  • Eliminate Rising Uber Charges: Rideshare is a common way to commute around and outside of campus when you don’t have a car. But using Lyft or Uber every day adds up. Not to mention, prices keep on going up due to a scarcity in drivers. Save money with an e-bike and never second-guess that extra trip. Grocery run? Check! Dinner with friends? Check! Shopping trip? Check

Juiced Bikes Back to School on a HyperScorpion Express

  • Capitalize on student or teacher discounts: Juiced Bikes offers discounts for students and educators at every level. You may be eligible to receive $100 off your e-bike purchase, so check out our exclusive deals for more information. 

Find the Right E-Bike for Your Lifestyle

Dreading going back to school? Purchasing an electric bike could be the best decision you make this semester – and bonus, it makes going to school WAY more fun. Take our bike quiz to determine the best e-bike for your lifestyle!

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