Seriously, You Should Start Your Holiday Shopping Now

Seriously, You Should Start Your Holiday Shopping Now

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3 Reasons Why Savvy Holiday Shoppers Are Buying Early!

You’re probably shaking your head reading that headline, maybe you’re laughing at such an outlandish proposition, or chagrined that you won’t have enough time this fall to be properly annoyed with the onslaught of pumpkin-spice consumables. The transition from Labor Day immediately into holiday shopping is a jarring concept for American consumers, but economists, logistics experts, major brands, and retailers are loudly sounding the alarms: procrastinating your holiday shopping in 2021 will be very risky! Let’s break down exactly why early shoppers are poised to be this season’s holiday heroes:

Rising Prices:

We’ll go out on a limb here and suggest that pretty much every American is paying more for basic goods and services than they were a year ago. While it’s difficult to predict when prices might stabilize, experts agree it won’t be in time for Christmas. Thanks to ongoing supply chain disruptions, severe shipping container shortages, and rising demand for consumer goods, prices will likely keep rising well into the holiday season and possibly into early 2022.

In fact, many prominent electric bike brands have already announced another round of price increases. And, our own customers have been asking, 'Will Juiced raise their e-bike prices?'. Well, the easy answer is No. We’re more committed than ever to delivering the most premium, high-performance e-bikes at the most affordable and accessible prices. BUT, the less appealing answer is we’re unsure how long we can sustain our current prices in these conditions (e.g., increased cost of manufacturing, burdensome trade tariffs, and skyrocketing shipping costs). The same constraints and challenges impacting other e-bike brands are also impacting Juiced. The reality is very simple: if you're interested in getting or gifting a Juiced Bike between now and Christmas, BUY NOW before prices go up (again).

Juiced Bikes Electric Bikes Price Increases Scorpion X

Shipping Congestion & Delays:

Two BIG problems are wreaking havoc on global supply chains right now: unprecedented shipping container shortages and ongoing Covid-related labor disruptions in both Asia and the U.S. According to the Drewry World Container Index, the cost of shipping containers from Shanghai to Los Angeles is up 236% from the previous year. Not only are prices increasing partly because of escalating shipping costs, but we’re back to seeing some empty shelves again, everything from cat food to bike helmets to back-to-school supplies are more expensive and now in short supply. When containers of goods finally do arrive, they’re further delayed because of record-breaking import surges and Covid-related labor shortages. If delays are persistent now, in August, just imagine how much worse it might get in November when consumer demand is even more bloated.

If you want to avoid the nightmare-inducing ‘will it arrive on time’ anxiety this holiday season, we urge you to buy those coveted gifts sooner rather than later.

Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Price Increases Gift Inventory Shortages:

In addition to shipping delays and price increases, consumers will likely face massive inventory shortages of popular holiday products this year - and electric bikes are very high on the popularity list right now. E-bike inventory shortages have actually been a persistent challenge for the past 18 months. Unfortunately, the global supply chain producing electric bikes hasn’t yet caught up to global demand, and they won’t be caught up in time for Christmas.

When it comes to buying an e-bike right now, our advice is simple: CARPE DIEM! Juiced Bikes is in a unique and enviable position right now with almost all e-bike models in stock or on pre-order with delivery dates in September and early October. We can guarantee this won’t be the case if you wait until November to make a purchase.

We hate to disrupt the final days of summer with holiday shopping alarms, but we also want to make sure we provide you with an honest warning about the challenges facing U.S. consumers this holiday season. If you want an e-bike now or for the holidays (for you or for a gift), the time to buy is NOW. Shop while you have your pick of e-bikes, shipping times are reasonable, and you’re able to take advantage of current pricing (PLUS Labor Day Savings with an extra $100 off any e-bike through September 7th).

Trust us, and the experts, shop early and be the hero this holiday season! Check out our complete collection of e-bikes here.

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