How Far Can a 15Ah Electric Bike Go on a Single Charge

How Far Can a 15Ah Electric Bike Go on a Single Charge

One of the most common questions new electric bike riders ask and one of the most frequent questions we get here at Juiced Bikes is “how far can I get on a single battery charge?” Considering we recently upgraded all of our 13 Amp hour battery bikes to a 15Ah battery which typically increases range by at least 15%, we recently conducted a series of real world riding range tests to provide more insight into exactly how many miles you can expect on a single battery charge. 

To complete this experiment we will use our CrossCurrent X Step-Through, the newest member to the Juiced Bikes family. This electric bike boasts an impressive range of 70+ miles on average. If riding in economy mode on the 52V 15Ah battery, users could even get into the high 70s. While riding at the highest battery output on race mode, users can get about 35 miles to the charge. This is an ideal e-bike for a commuter or frequent rider who travels longer distances and doesn't want to fuss with frequent charging. 

Testing the real world riding range requires a couple of basic tools: 1.) riding tracker to measure the distance and map a ridden course and 2.) an actual e-bike, the new CrossCurrent X Step-Through equipped with a 52V 15Ah battery. Emptying the battery requires frequent riding over the course of a charge-free week, all while recording my riding distance. At 210 pounds, 6’ 2”, riding on hilly terrains, exclusively on pedal assist 1, 2, and eco mode, I was dubious of reaching 70 miles on a single charge.

Juiced Bikes 15Ah Real World Range Test

A Week Without a Charge

Monday’s ride consisted of trotting around my city getting a feel for riding the CrossCurrent X Step-Through with car traffic. Keeping up with cars was a breeze as I throttled to get up to speed and maintained it while in pedal assist level 1 and 2. During my ride I decided to stop at a grocery store and get some carrots for a Mexican ex-race horse named ‘Veintidós’ who lives in my neighborhood.

Juiced Bikes 15Ah Real World Range Test Monday Stats

Juiced Bikes 15Ah Real World Range Test Carrots and CrossCurrents

Total distance: 16 miles.

Tuesday’s ride was a bit longer as I ventured out to a local college to visit the sheeps and goats who live there. This trek was farther than my typical ride because other less powerful e-bike batteries can’t quite keep up the pace and often leave me with range anxiety, wondering if I’ll make it home from the furthest point of my trip. With the CrossCurrent X, getting to and from was a breeze and I still had enough energy to cruise around my neighborhood to gain some additional miles.

Juiced Bikes 15Ah Real World Range Test Tuesday Stats

Juiced Bikes 15Ah Real World Range Test CrossCurrent X Step-Through

Total distance: 20 miles.

On Wednesday I cruised around my city a bit more with no real destination in mind. While I wasn’t traveling anywhere specifically, just listening to music while riding around my city was a fun way to get out of the house after working from home all day. 

Juiced Bikes 15Ah Real World Range Test

Total distance: 12 miles.

Thursday’s ride included a trip to my local farmers market to stock up on fresh produce for the weekend. Luckily the CrossCurrent X comes decked out with a rear rack which can easily hold a basket to make using the bike for errands a breeze. Something I noticed during this ride is that I had already racked up over 48 miles on a single charge, yet the 15Ah battery was still maintaining power as if just unplugged from a fresh charge. Other e-bikes I have ridden are not nearly on this bike’s level when it comes to battery power often feeling incredibly sluggish and difficult to pedal when the battery starts to drain. 

Juiced Bikes 15Ah Real World Range Test Thursday Stats

Juiced Bikes 15Ah Real World Range Test Commuting

Total distance: 13 miles.

Friday’s mission was simple: EMPTY THE BATTERY and complete this initial test. This ride consisted of cruising until the bike couldn’t power anymore. After almost 8 miles the bike finally shut off during a stretch of flat land not too far from my house. Since the CrossCurrent X Step-Through is one of Juiced Bikes’ lightest models, I had no problem shifting into a lower gear and riding home without any additional assistance. I was surprised at how easy the CrossCurrent X Step-Through was to ride as a regular bicycle whereas other electric bikes depend on the electric motor to pick up the extra weight of the bike. 

Juiced Bikes 15Ah Real World Range Test Friday Stats

Total distance: 7.5 miles.

Total distance on a fully-charged battery: 69 miles.

This included riding in pedal assist modes 1 and 2 (not eco only), some hilly terrain and capacity of 215-225 pounds.


Highlights from the test:

  • Extremely agile and easy to maneuver around cars and other obstacles
  • Quick and easy get up and go which made keeping up with traffic a breeze
  • Different riding modes like cruise control and economy mode allowed for customizing each ride
  • Added racks and fenders allowed me to carry cargo while running errands and not worry about wet pavements
  • Constant high performing power even when down to final bar on the battery
  • Lightweight frame and 9 gears allow the bike to ridden as a traditional bike with customizable amount of gear power 
  • The step-through frame allowed for easy mounting when stopped at traffic lights or stop signs

Considering how I used the bike during my testing, I’m pleasantly surprised how many miles I got out of the new 15Ah battery. Keep in mind, there were quite a few factors that actually limited my riding range, including riding in hilly terrain, very hot Southern California temperatures, higher than average rider weight and cargo, and plenty of throttle use to keep up with cars. Despite these factors, however, I was still able to get 69 miles of riding with a single charge out of the CrossCurrent X Step-Through. The test gave me a ton of confidence using the CrossCurrent X Step-Through for all of my commuting, for daily errands, and exercising without the common range anxiety from smaller battery e-bikes. Additionally, the fact that the bike does not need to be charged after every ride is an added benefit of being able to travel or commute without worrying about finding an outlet for a recharge. 

Learn more about the super versatile CrossCurrent X Step-Through, with the new 52V 15Ah battery pack, offered at a special introductory price of just $1,999.

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