Can You Ride an E-Bike in the Rain?

Can You Ride an E-Bike in the Rain?

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Picture this — the weather forecast predicted a beautiful sunny day, so you decide to carpe diem and hop on your e-bike to soak up the rays. Suddenly, ominous dark clouds appear out of nowhere and threaten to literally take your sunshine away. You panic and wonder — is it okay to ride my e-bike in the rain?

The short answer is yes, but it depends on a few factors. 

Read on to learn what these important factors are, which electrical components are most susceptible to water damage, and simple precautions to protect your e-bike in wet weather.


E-Bikes Are Water-Resistant, Not Waterproof

This point is extremely important to remember, so it’s worth repeating — e-bikes are water-resistant, not waterproof! 

You may have heard or read somewhere that e-bikes are waterproof, but this is a misconception based on the idea that electric bikes must be waterproof because they’re premium, technologically-advanced products. But even the most advanced tech isn’t 100% waterproof. Take the new Apple Watch, for example — you may be able to wear it while deep sea diving, but if you go any deeper than 50 meters, the water could irreversibly damage your watch. 

Similarly, e-bikes have water resistance, but submerging your beloved bike in an Olympic-sized swimming pool would definitely be unwise!

What Kind of Wet Conditions Can E-Bikes Tolerate?

Juiced Bikes Can You Ride an Electric Bike in Rain Wet Conditions

So now you’re probably wondering how much water your e-bike can be exposed to before damage occurs. 

There are components on your e-bike that have IP ratings, which denote the level of protection that electronics and electrical enclosures have against the ingress of water and solid objects. For example, all Juiced Bikes batteries and advanced LCD screens have an IP65 rating, which protects against low-pressure water jets from any direction, condensation, and water spray. With that in mind, riding your bike in light rain is perfectly safe!

But can you ride your e-bike in heavy rain? Because electric bikes are much faster than conventional bicycles, you'll hit higher speeds where the constant spray from the water on the road will act like a high-pressure hose and potentially force water through the seals of electrical components. For this reason, it’s best to postpone your ride if heavy rain is likely. 

Which E-Bike Components Are Most Susceptible to Water Damage?

You may think the battery on your e-bike is most vulnerable to water damage, but it’s actually one of the most water-resistant components. The e-bike parts that typically see the most water damage are the motor, LCD screen, and controller. It’s worth noting that most water damage occurs when riders don’t fully understand the limitations of e-bikes, ride recklessly, or fail to take the proper precautions to protect their bike from water intrusion.

Scroll down to learn simple steps to keep your e-bike safe during those rainy rides.

How To Protect Your E-Bike From Water Damage

Juiced Bikes Can you Ride an Electric Bike in Rain Protect From Water Damage

Don’t let a little rain ruin your ride! Instead, follow these simple precautions to keep things rolling when the weather gets wet:

  • DO NOT submerge your e-bike in water: While it may be tempting to rip through a river on your e-bike, never submerge your electric bike in water! On all Juiced Bikes, the motor is located on the back wheel. If you ride through deep water, you’ll definitely damage your e-bike.
  • DO NOT park your e-bike uncovered in the rain: The best place to park your bike is always in a covered, dry area. However, if you have to park your e-bike outside in the rain, invest in a waterproof cover and water-resistant battery cover for maximum protection.
  • DO NOT pressure wash your e-bike: We get it — you take great pride in keeping your electric bike looking its best so you want to gussy it up after a rainy ride. But pressure washing your e-bike will damage the essential electrical components and mechanical components. If you’re going to clean your bike, wipe it down with a soft damp towel instead of spraying it with a high-pressure hose.  
  • DO wipe down your e-bike after it gets wet: Always wipe down your bike with a clean, dry towel if it gets wet during your trip. 
  • DO consider investing in a fender kit: Front and rear fenders help protect vital components on your e-bike from mud, leaves, and other nasty stuff that may get kicked up. If your Juiced bike doesn’t have fenders, check out these awesome fender kits.
  • DO seek shelter if you get caught in a downpour: The best way to prevent your e-bike from water damage during heavy rain is to find dry shelter to wait out the storm. Just make sure that this space doesn’t look like it’s susceptible to flooding!

Always Ride Within Your Comfort Zone

Taking your e-bike out for an invigorating ride in the rain can be an exhilarating experience you won’t soon forget. Just remember — your e-bike is water-resistant, not waterproof. Following proper precautions to protect your bike from water damage is essential.

However, you should never push yourself to do something you’re uncomfortable with. If you have doubts about taking your e-bike out in the rain, just take a rain check and wait for a sunny day for your next adventure. Ready to get riding this spring, rain or shine? Check out the rugged and capable HyperScorpion or HyperScrambler 2, available at $600 off for a limited time only!

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