Juiced Announces All E-Bike Battery Packs SGS Certified to UL 2271

Juiced Announces All E-Bike Battery Packs SGS Certified to UL 2271

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You may have heard about all of the e-bike battery fires erupting across metropolitan areas like New York City lately and wondered, are all lithium-ion batteries on e-bikes ticking time bombs? 

It’s a legitimate concern — one of the most common causes of electric bike battery fires are poor quality or damaged batteries. Unfortunately, it’s been estimated that as many as 85% of the electric bikes currently sold in the U.S. are not equipped with battery packs safety tested to UL 2271 standards.  

To help you better understand e-bike battery safety, let’s dig into the certification to UL 2271 standard, why you should only buy, ride, and charge e-bikes with certified batteries, and how Juiced Bikes is taking steps to ensure your safety.

Juiced Bikes Electric Battery UL Certification Safety

What Is UL 2271?

For over a century, UL Enterprises has been a leading independent safety science organization that tests and certifies products as safe. UL is the most trusted nationally recognized testing laboratory and the only testing lab recognized worldwide. For a product to be conforming to a UL safety standard, it undergoes extensive durability, resistance, and longevity testing. Each component is tested separately for more stringent quality control. 

Because the certification process is costly and time-consuming, many manufacturers opt out of having their products evaluated, tested, and certified to a published UL standard. However, this lack of oversight can often result in product defects, fires, and, sadly, injuries or even deaths — as we’ve seen all too often with subpar e-bike batteries.

Juiced Bikes Electric Bike UL Certification G2 52v Battery

Juiced G2 52-Volt Batteries are SGS Certified to UL 2271

Juiced Bikes is proud to announce their G2 52V battery packs are SGS certified to UL 2271! All of Juiced Bikes current electric bike models are equipped with this certified battery.

This essential safety certification means all battery components meet stringent durability and safety standards. For example:

  • The battery enclosure resists impact, crushing, heat and flame, water, and UV light
  • Wiring features a design preventing excessive strain and accidental shorting 
  • Protective circuits have redundant features that continue to function should power loss occur

Additionally, the e-bike battery can withstand the following:

  • Overcharging
  • Over-discharging
  • Short-circuiting
  • Imbalanced charging
  • Operation at a maximum specified temperature
  • Vibration, shock, drops, crushing, and rollovers

Finally, the G2 battery passed environmental tests like immersion and exposure tests and rapid thermal cycling from hot to cold and cold to hot. These thorough tests ensure the battery on your Juiced bike will not explode, catch fire, rupture, leak electrolytes, present an electric shock hazard, or loose any of its protection controls under any of the above conditions. In other words, your Juiced bike battery earned the highest safety rating for fire protection!

Juiced Bikes Electric Bike UL Certification Fire Protection

All Juiced Bikes Batteries Feature Top-Notch Fire Protection

Rider safety drives the entire design process at Juiced Bikes, generating best-in-class safety features that work together to help keep riders safe.

Like other premium high-performance e-bikes, all Juiced Bikes have a Battery Management System (BMS). This vital battery system prevents the overcharging or over-discharging of the battery cells, two of the most common causes of lithium-ion battery fires. 

Unfortunately, cheaper e-bikes (and off-brand replacement batteries) often lack a BMS, making it easy to overcharge the battery cells and erupt in those terrifying e-bike battery fires you’ve heard about.

To give our riders the ultimate peace of mind and to comply with e-bike safety legislation in a growing number of states, Juiced Bikes is also in the final stages of obtaining certification to UL 2849, which provides fire safety certification for all e-bike electrical systems. 

Don’t Skimp Out on Your Safety

About 96% of Americans believe the products they buy adhere to a required safety standard, but in reality, less than 1% of product categories overseen by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) must comply with a mandatory safety standard!

Purchasing an e-bike is a big decision with many considerations to keep in mind, but your safety should never be a compromise. Look for a reputable e-bike brand like Juiced Bikes with a strong safety track record, and when in doubt, ask a representative if their bike batteries are certified to the published UL standard. This certification is a trusted symbol guaranteeing the e-bike battery achieved the highest fire safety protection in the industry.

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