Message from Tora Harris, Juiced Bikes Founder & CEO

Message from Tora Harris, Juiced Bikes Founder & CEO

The Weekly Squeeze

Nearly 18 months ago, I wrote and published a letter to our customers alerting them of impending price increases on all of our e-bikes. This was an extremely difficult decision because Juiced Bikes was built on the promise of delivering the highest performing, highest quality e-bikes at the most affordable price. But, the impact of a 25% tariff on e-bike imports and the rising costs of materials, exchange rate fluctuations, transportation costs, etc. made a price increase unavoidable. Sadly, we were not alone in having to raise our prices; and consumers have had to bear the greatest burden of rising costs and painful inflation rates. 

As disappointed as I was last March when we announced these price increases, I am now equally excited (probably more so) to announce that Juiced Bikes, effective immediately, is LOWERING the price on ALL of its e-bikes, from $100 up to $400 per model. Some of the challenges impacting our pricing for most of the last 18 months, like the e-bike tariffs, have been lifted (at least temporarily) and we believe it’s our responsibility to pass those savings on to customers. 

Examples of companies continuing to raise prices, during very difficult times, are not hard to find. Unfortunately, this includes many e-bike brands raising prices multiple times over the last year. We believe, however, that our greatest responsibility is to our customers. If we have the opportunity to provide them with additional value, we will absolutely do so! 

From reducing carbon emissions and promoting energy efficiency to improving urban congestion and increasing personal mobility, Juiced is committed to promoting the transformative power of electric bikes. We believe in making high-performance, high-quality and reliable e-bikes as affordable as possible. While we continue to actively support state and federal legislation efforts to provide more e-bike rebates and purchase incentives, those initiatives are largely out of our control. We can, however, ensure that our prices always deliver unmatched value and wow-worthy performance! 

Here is an overview of all e-bike price cuts: 


Original Price




RipRacer Class 2



RipRacer Class 3






HyperScrambler 2 (1 Battery)



HyperScrambler 2 (2 Batteries)  






RipCurrent S



CrossCurrent S2



CrossCurrent X Step-Through



CrossCurrent X



To all of our current and future customers, thank you from everyone here at Juiced Bikes for your ongoing support during a very challenging period. We look forward to an epic Fall to round out the year!


Tora Harris, Juiced Bikes CEO

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