HyperFat 1000W -  Then suddenly… it’s possible.

HyperFat 1000W - Then suddenly… it’s possible.

The Weekly Squeeze

That's the thing about development and production, it seems like everything is impossible, then suddenly… it’s possible. 

Final test before scheduling time on the line to assemble the HF1000s.

The HF gets a spirited ride around town. The performance is higher on the 12T than we calculated, it does not have trouble going over 34 mph with strong pedaling. But drafting, it can hit 38 mph which shows the dramatic effect of the wind to impede the motor. The bike is not without little quirks, but its kinda awesome to ride. Now let’s make some bikes!

Production Update 1

Entering a new era for e-bikes: 1,000 Watts, torque-sensing pedal assist, 1,000 Wh Battery - The Holy Grail of pedal assist e-bikes will soon be a reality. We are so pumped to finally get these HyperFat e-bikes on the assembly line after over a year of persistent development, stops and starts.  

Production Update 2

Day 2 of assembly for the HF1000. This bike has many specialized and unusual parts which makes it a challenge to assemble. To build the bike efficiently and consistently, many improvements need to be made to the product and the assembly processes.

Production Update 3

All the bikes are finished and tested at the factory. We have designed custom packaging so there is minimal disassembly and additionally minimal assembly for the end user. The bikes are in the containers and off to our shop where we will do very careful checks before going out to customers. 

Production Update 4

After the long sea voyage the bikes arrive to our shop. The Juiced Techs pounce on the bikes at around 4 am every day to prep them per customer’s orders. The Techs love working on the HFs but it is more challenging than any of our other bikes.   

Special Thanks

We would like to say thank you again to all of the Founder Series pre-order customers. The project has been super behind schedule, but we needed to get this thing right. In the process we and our suppliers have together learned an incredible amount about making such high performance production pedal-assist e-bike which has not really been done on this scale. This bike is for sure not a mass-market product, but we will put everything we have learned into our other mainstream products and the industry as a whole will benefit tremendously. 

All that said, we hope the result will be a magical experience once you get a chance to throw a leg over the HF!

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