HyperScrambler Software Update Notice

HyperScrambler Software Update Notice

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HyperScrambler Software Update Notice

There is already a software update to address the throttle-only performance on some Hypers. Due to the quirky nature of this motor, several different types of motor power maps are ran at different RPMs to smooth out the acceleration curve.

Despite what people are saying, we are in NO WAY trying to dumb down the performance. We are actually trying to provide the MAXIMUM performance while keeping the vehicle reliable and keep riders safe.

Additionally, we have found that each MAC Motor can be slightly different, so the code needs to compensate for this variation. We are continuously improving the software as we learn more about the series production units.

HyperScramblers shipping now are already flashed with this update. Throttle-only speeds of over 30 mph are easily achievable. I have seen 36-37mph level ground with throttle only, topped up pack, no pedaling, on the bike I tested. But this depends on weight, tire pressures and other factors.

To check, go to advanced mode on the display by holding the Power Button and Up assist at the same time. In R mode the throttle only should be up to 30A, if less, like around 23A-25A (which is what is used for the Camp/City) the software needs to be updated. Should be around 30A for Hypers. We estimate about 20 units affected.

The HyperScrambler in pedal assist, the Amps should be about 35A, speeds of about 34-37 achievable as some owners have already posted.

If you only see 23-25A in throttle-only mode, yup, the performance will be roughly 28-30mph which is not right.

Contact support to get the controller flashed. We apologize to the Hyper owners that need the update and will also compensate you with $100 Juiced gift cards.

We are also working to update the first 30 IGG Hypers, stay tuned.

- Tora

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