Important E-Bike Price Update

Important E-Bike Price Update

The Weekly Squeeze

Message from Tora Harris, Juiced Bikes Founder & CEO

To Our Current & Future Juiced Bikes Riders, 

I absolutely hate having to send this message, and we have postponed making these changes for as long as possible. Juiced Bikes was built on the promise of delivering the highest performing, highest quality e-bike at the most affordable price. We take that commitment very seriously and do everything possible to ensure the  absolute best e-bike value. 

Sadly, we can no longer financially withstand the incredibly damaging impact of the current 25% tariff imposed on nearly all e-bikes imports. I carefully use the word ‘nearly’ because 98% of all electric bikes are sourced from China and subject to this tariff. We are absolutely baffled that an industry (both e-bikes and bikes) that so deeply influences reduced carbon emissions, energy efficiency, improved urban congestion, increased activity, mobility and overall physical  fitness would be essentially taxed at this extraordinarily high rate. Juiced Bikes strongly supports the efforts of PeopleForBikes  to lobby “for tariff exclusions and policy reforms that create a more predictable and rational culture of trade policy”. 

In addition to the burdensome and irrational tariffs, the bike and e-bike industry is faced with significant increases in material costs and unfavorable exchange rate fluctuations. We are proud to have successfully delivered high performance e-bikes to thousands of customers despite those ongoing challenges, however, the addition of a 25% tariff requires that we raise our pricing on Juiced electric bikes, effective April 4. 

Our sincere hope is for these price increases to be TEMPORARY, and for the current administration to  quickly reconsider tariff exclusions for e-bikes, exclusions that were in place through December 31, 2020. Until then, to continue delivering the highest performing e-bikes that continue to WOW our riders, Juiced e-bike prices will be increased by $100-$200. Below is a breakdown of upcoming price changes: 







Scrambler w/ 19.2Ah Battery


HyperScrambler 2


HyperScrambler 2 (2 Batteries)


HyperScorpion Express




RipCurrent S


CrossCurrent S2


CrossCurrent X


We strongly support current legislation, the Electric Bicycle Incentive Kickstart for the Environment (E-BIKE) Act,  to provide U.S. consumers with a 30% tax credit on eligible electric bike purchases. If much less environmentally-friendly and efficient electric vehicles benefit from up to a $7500 tax credit, then a tax credit for electric bikes is long, long overdue. To add your support for this important initiative, and encourage your local congressional representative to support this legislation, please visit


There are many ways to save on an electric bike despite the upcoming increase:

  • Refer a friend! Give $100 off an electric bike and earn $50 towards anything on
  • Exclusive discounts: Are you a teacher, student or medical professional? Get a discount!
  • Use code "2BIKEOFFER" to save $200 when purchasing 2 electric bikes.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. We look forward to sharing happier news in future updates! 


Tora Harris

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