Juiced Scrambler - NOV 2018 - Full Production Update

Juiced Scrambler - NOV 2018 - Full Production Update

The Weekly Squeeze


This is a quick trip to China to check on some things and get the motor controller software better dialed in. It has been over a year of work to get these MAC motors working optimally. This latest update is really solid. A quick stop to the assembly factory to check on Scramblers, CrossCurrent S, RipCurrent S and the new RipCurrent (Base Model). Lots of stock coming at the end of the year as we enter the holiday season.

The MAC motor delay was resolved and we have all the motors to finish out the HyperScrambler IGG orders. We were informed that there will be a bit of a delay on the hydraulic disc brakes. We were not given a reason for the delay by the supplier, but it will cost us a few days. We will keep track of this situation. Meanwhile we can have most of the sub-assemblies built up as we wait for this part. When the parts arrive we can get right to assembly.

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