How to Conquer Your New Year’s Resolutions With an E-Bike

How to Conquer Your New Year’s Resolutions With an E-Bike

The Weekly Squeeze

Why do millions of Americans make New Year's resolutions every January 1st when about two-thirds of us end up breaking them? Every year starts off with the best intentions: Lose weight. Spend less. Save the planet. Get off social media. Spend more time with loved ones. But most people aim too high and end up ditching their resolutions before January is even over. What if we told you that electric bikes are a very simple (and fun) way to HELP you keep your resolutions this year? You can thank us later!

Electric bikes are the Swiss army knife of your new year’s resolution survival kit. They can help you do it all and you can have FUN while doing it! Here’s how integrating an e-bike into your routine can help you maintain your 2022 goals. 

Lose Your 2021 Twenty-One (and Then Some)!

Losing weight or being healthier is usually at the top of most people's New Year’s to-do lists, especially after many Americans gained significant weight during the last 2 years of Covid. Riding an electric bike is a great way to keep in shape and get an effective low-impact workout. You can still pedal with vigorous-intensity even when you’re using pedal assist. Research even found that e-bike riders get MORE exercise each week than standard cyclists because they end up riding longer distances! It’s arguably one of the most fun and exhilarating forms of exercise you could ever hope for too. 

Lose Your 2021 21

Going Green In 2022!

Maybe you’re more concerned with reducing your carbon footprint and pitching in to benefit the environment. For many Americans, ‘saving the environment’ seems like a lofty goal requiring dramatic lifestyle changes, but you really don’t need to go to extremes to make an impact. A Juiced electric bike produces ZERO EMISSIONS!  Not quite ready to commute to work every day with an e-bike? No problem! Even replacing short errand trips with an e-bike will make a huge impact on the environment. So before you order a new solar-powered chicken coup and start making plans to live off the grid, consider a much more realistic and attainable transportation alternative. 

Go Green in 2022

Spend Less In The New Year

The past few years have taken a financial toll on many Americans. An e-bike is a fantastic way to trim some fat out of an already tight budget in 2022. Sure, there is an initial investment in purchasing a new electric bicycle, but the savings that follow are considerable! Let’s start with a few hundred dollars worth of savings just on gas per month. Parking costs are instantly eliminated by riding an e-bike. And, regular upkeep on an e-bike is a tiny fraction of what’s spent on maintaining and servicing a car. If you’re looking to save money this year, an e-bike is the answer! 

Spend less in the New Year

Take a Screen Break

Are you glued to your iPhone, laptop, or flatscreen TV? Bingeing on social media or Netflix is fun, but it's no secret that more screen time makes it difficult to soak up some rays, and get in some physical activity. Making excuses for getting out and about is increasingly easier, especially now that many people have transitioned to working from home or flex schedules. An e-bike will rule out most physical discomfort or limitations and give you a fun excuse to unplug and get some fresh air. Trust us… riding an electric bike is an absolute blast and just as addicting as your favorite social media app.  

Spend More Time With Friends & Family

This year, making a promise to get out of the house and away from daily routines to spend time with loved ones will be incredibly easy to accomplish with an electric bike. E-bikes offer endless fun and encourage you to ride with your partner, friends or help keep up with the kids. The best part is you don’t need to set aside time! Ride to the farmers market, ride with the kids to school, or take your bikes on a weekend adventure.

More time with friends and family

Ready to Crush Your Resolutions?

Going electric will undoubtedly supercharge your 2022 resolutions! Having fun is a prime factor in whether or not you actually commit to a new habit. If you enjoy it, research shows you do it more often. An e-bike ride is an exhilarating way to accomplish your goals this year! Are you ready to revolutionize your ride and conquer your 2022 resolutions? Find the perfect bike for your needs & lifestyle here.

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