Discover How E-Bikes Strengthened Their Bond: A Love Story on Two Wheels

Discover How E-Bikes Strengthened Their Bond: A Love Story on Two Wheels

This Valentine's Day, amidst the traditional chocolates and roses, we're celebrating a unique love story—a tale that intertwines tragedy, music, community — and a heart pumping passion for riding electric bikes. 

Love can blossom in many unexpected places, but for our customers Gingerose and Christopher Pixely, the high speed couple actually met at the funeral of a mutual friend. But from that somber occasion, an electric connection was made, leading them down a path of love and companionship that has lasted almost seven years. However, it wasn't until the pandemic hit that they truly discovered the spark that would bring them even closer together: riding e-bikes. 

As the rest of the world slowed down, the Pixely's found themselves spending more time together, seeking out new adventures as a married couple. The journey into the world of e-bikes started innocently enough with the rental of an e-scooter in San Diego. While the thrill of cruising along the coast was exhilarating, it was only when they ventured further, hopping on e-bikes on Coronado Island, that they truly felt a sense of liberation. “It was then we realized they made us feel like kids again. And from there we purchased our e-bikes, and it's been quite a ride since. Lol.” joked Gingerose.

Realizing the potential for adventure and exploration, they decided to invest in their own e-bikes, but didn’t really know where to start. “There were so many options available, even just a few years ago. Being our first purchase we were reluctant to buy anything too expensive.” said Christopher, “We pulled the trigger on a no-name brand without seeing it and for a while we were pleasantly surprised. But then came some catastrophic issues with my wife’s e-bike and we called you guys.”

To the couple's surprise, the stars aligned and they were able to swing by and get a HyperScorpion from our San Diego warehouse. Since then the Pixelys have racked up a whopping combined 8,000 miles on their Juiced e-bikes. Little did they know, this chance of fate would not only transform their lives but also lead them to a community that shares their passion.

Enter the Lit Riderz, based out of Southern California, this tight-knit group of friends brought together by a shared love for LED lights, sweet jams and e-bikes of course! Christopher and Gingerose are proud to not only be members but also co-founders of this vibrant e-bike club. What started as 3 couples with a common interest quickly blossomed into something much greater. With synchronized audio banging close to 10,000 watts of sound, a fleet of 24 e-bikes and trikes adorned with over 88,000 LEDs, the award winning bike club lights up the community and bumps positivity wherever they roll. Hosting community rides and taking part in parades all throughout SoCal, inspiring many people to start their own e-bike journey. 

But beyond the flashy lights and booming rhythms, it's the camaraderie and sense of belonging that truly sets the Lit Riderz apart. Riding together, they have forged friendships that will last a lifetime and created memories that they will cherish forever. 

For us being together means doing everything together. When we first started riding we enjoyed the freedom and places we saw.” says Christopher, “Eventually, it led us to meet many amazing and wonderful people. E-bikes have brought a lot of us together as a community. And when two people who love each other become a part of that, it strengthens the bond they already have.” 

This Valentine's Day, as we reflect on the Pixely’s electric journey together, we are grateful for our role in the unexpected twists and turns that brought them to where they are today. From the depths of grief to the heights of joy, their love has only grown stronger, thanks in part to the simple joy of riding side by side. So here's to love, laughter, super bass and many more miles of adventure ahead. 


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