E-Bike Riding at Night: Everything You Need to Stay Safe

E-Bike Riding at Night: Everything You Need to Stay Safe

As we inch closer to the end of Daylight Savings Time, the debate over the dreaded century-old clock-changing practice will undoubtedly resurface. Losing an hour of afternoon daylight is an event few Americans look forward to, but the reality is we've been steadily losing seconds and minutes of daylight for the last few months. If you still need to prepare for more frequent rides in the dark, then now is the time to get ready! Here are our top tips for e-bike riders to stay safe during nighttime rides this Fall and Winter.


There are several ways to enhance the visibility of your bike itself. First, use bright headlights and taillights. All Juiced Bikes come standard with bright, water-resistant headlights that are powered by the bike’s battery. They illuminate the street ahead with up to a powerful 2,000 lumens. The headlights let you easily see any potential obstacle or pothole on a street and lets motorists see you coming far away. 

Every Juiced Bike also comes standard with a taillight. Some models even have integrated brake lights AND lighted turn signals as well like Juiced’s HyperScorpion to keep you even safer when riding. If you have a bike from another brand that doesn’t come with a headlight, you can add an attachable LED bike light. It’s a quick-release rechargeable 1,000-lumen light that can fasten to almost any part of your electric bike. And it’s bright enough to light up your riding route! The next accessory to get for riding at night is a left-side handlebar mirror. It will immensely reduce the likelihood of riding accidents. Juiced offers one that’s shatterproof, fully adjustable, and will not cause glare. Day or night, it makes your ride much safer so that you don’t need to keep looking over your left shoulder to shift lanes or make turns.

Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Night Riding Safety Tips Rechargeable LED Light


If you’re riding in the dark, always wear brightly colored, reflective clothing whenever possible. And of course always wear a helmet. But not just any headgear will do at night! You want one with front and back lights, like the new-and-protective Xnito helmet. The Xnito is one of the only helmets on the market specifically designed for e-bikes rated with speeds of 28 mph. It includes extra padding at the temples and on the back of the head, providing the full impact protection that e-bike riders need. Its dial fit wheel lets you quickly and easily twist-dial in a perfect fit. A strip of 90-lumen LED lights on the front helps light your way, while the rear light lets drivers behind you know where you're headed. The light is USB-rechargeable and provides 10 hours of battery life per charge. The rear light also offers three modes – flash, static and wavy – to catch the attention of others.

 Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Night Riding Safety Tips Helmet with Light


Say you’re out on a sunset ride, and you run into a little trouble. Maybe you get lost. Or experience a flat tire. What to do? The first order of business, of course, is to pull over onto a safe sidewalk or parking lot. If you’ve lost your way, that can be a scary, helpless feeling. But to prevent that from ever happening – especially in the dark – you can arm your e-bike with a Phone Mount with built-in USB Charger that lets you keep your phone safely in front of you so you can always see your route on a map while riding. The mount secures the phone to your bike, even if you hit bumps and draws power from the e-bike’s battery. This ensures you always have a fully-charged phone with you on every ride! Plus, the USB port is illuminated in blue, so you can easily find it in the dark. 


On the chance your tire gets a flat, the Juiced Portable Air Pump will quickly and precisely fill your tire back up with air at the push of a button, so you can be on your way. Plus, it comes with a 24-hour flashlight so you can easily see your tire when filling it with air. It’s compact and lightweight, and features a brightly illuminated digital display so you can use it day or night.

Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Night Riding Safety Tips Portable Bike Pump

Even with less daylight over the next few months, you can still enjoy your e-bike and ride throughout the day and into the evening. Riding at night provides a fun way for you to discover your hometown after dark!! Just remember to ride safely with the right e-bike features, the right clothing and helmet, and the right accessories to brighten up your path and be extra visible to drivers around you. 

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