Message from Tora Harris, Juiced Bikes Founder & CEO - COVID-19


Message from Tora Harris, Juiced Bikes Founder & CEO - COVID-19

The Weekly Squeeze

To our valued customers,

Over the last few months, the team at Juiced Bikes has worked extremely hard to keep up with significant increases in sales orders while also launching and servicing two new e-bike product lines.... all of this while we struggle with the intermittent disruptions of a global pandemic. Our situation is not unique. Many other e-bike brands and ecommerce companies have experienced similar challenges throughout 2020.

As hard as we are working, unfortunately, it hasn’t been enough to provide adequate support and service to our existing and future customers. I am deeply sorry for not addressing these issues earlier, for not meeting our customers’ expectations,  and for not living up to what is our most sacred commitment: providing the highest level of support and service to all of our customers.

I am now directly overseeing the implementation of immediate corrective actions to rebuild your confidence in the Juiced brand. We are quickly adding more full-time service agents to support our growing network of Juiced riders. We are activating a new customer communications team to ensure consumers are receiving proactive and accurate information regarding their purchases. We are implementing new processes and procedures to ensure the timely processing and shipment of all orders. We are working closely with our logistics partners to reduce shipping damages and shipping losses. And, we are making dramatic and significant changes to internal processes to better address future surges in demand and/or unplanned work interruptions.

Nothing is more important to us right now than regaining your trust! 

We can and we will do better.



Tora Harris 

Juiced Bikes Founder & CEO

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