Modest Price Increases On Scrambler And HF100 Take Effect

Modest Price Increases On Scrambler And HF100 Take Effect

Hello Juiced World,

Some of you have noticed that prices have increased on our Scrambler and HyperFat 1000. We wanted to take a little time to explain why this needed to happen. Our other bikes remain competitively priced and we were able to eat those cost increases.

The two main reasons for the price increases are increased production costs and the ongoing 25% tariff on electric bikes.

The HyperFat is our most expensive bike, and is very expensive to make. We needed a price increase to cover increasing production costs and warranty repairs. The price increase was less than 10% on this bike.

As for Scramblers, these bikes were on a pre-order price. There was always a plan to raise prices after the Indiegogo campaign and then again after production was done for Indiegogo.

Since all of those bikes are on the way to us and we are producing some to sell for Feb and March, we thought the time was prudent for an increase. 
We know that some people were waiting to buy, but unfortunately we cannot go back to honor the pre-order price.

We continually to strive to offer the highest value in the electric bike market today and appreciate all of our AMAZING customers!

- Your Juiced Team

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