Riding with Juiced: A pro boxer's most trusted training companion!

Riding with Juiced: A pro boxer's most trusted training companion!

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Avril Mathie likes to dominate — whether it’s in the boxing ring or navigating her crowded South Beach neighborhood. Her Juiced Scorpion e-bike helps her knock out both.

Mathie, an international undefeated professional boxer, avoids the gridlock in tourist-heavy Miami hot spots by hopping on her electric bike. It’s her loyal companion to the gym, the grocery store, the beach and even a night out on the town. No frustrations navigating traffic. No headaches finding parking.

“We can ride it from here literally onto the beach, right next to where we play volleyball or, you know, right up to the door of wherever you’re going,” she says. “It’s just so convenient.”

Mathie has long preferred mopeds and scooters to cars, but it was her boyfriend who inspired her conversion to e-bike enthusiast. He started riding the Juiced Bikes’ CampScrambler, which features a long seat perfect for tandem rides, and before long, she wanted her own.

Like a boxer taking command inside the ring, the e-bike provides a similar experience.

“I feel much more in control,” she says. “It’s like you’re a part of the vehicle and you maneuver with your body.”

Mathie, 34, also credits the e-bike with helping her body. After long days training, the powered bike gives her needed rest while on the go. But every so often, she turns off the motor and uses the 100+lb. e-bike as an additional workout tool. It allows her to build muscle while enjoying the beautiful scenery of her beachfront community.

“It’s a good workout to pedal without the motor and then you can turn the motor back on and cruise for a little bit to create the interval,” she says.

The Scorpion also came in handy when Mathie broke her ankle. She described it as a “mobile wheelchair” that gave her freedom despite not being able to walk. Plus, unlike a knee scooter, she could bring the e-bike on Miami’s picturesque sandy beaches. Her Juiced electric bike kept her active lifestyle intact amid injury.

“I can just get on and go for miles,” she says. “It’s great for getting around.”

Now two years into e-bike ownership, Mathie can’t envision a world without it. She rarely goes even a day without using her bike and added a basket to make it even more functional. And, over time, she has watched electric bikes quickly multiply in South Beach as friends and acquaintances bought their own.

For all the conveniences her Scorpion provides, Mathie says leisure rides make it just as valuable.

“Riding it down the beach like it’s a highway in Miami is a pretty great way to finish most days,” she says.

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