Ride Back to School Safely: Our Top 5 Tips

Ride Back to School Safely: Our Top 5 Tips

Put away your books and pull out your pencil because it’s pop quiz time: What is the fastest, most fun, most convenient, and most cost-effective way to get to class? We’ll give you a moment. OK, time’s up — the correct answer is an electric bike! 

School’s officially in, and the word is out — riding your e-bike to school saves you the time, money, and hassle of ridesharing or taking your car, and as an added bonus, gives you plenty of opportunities for exercise while enjoying fresh air and the freedom of two-wheeled transportation. Before you load up your backpack and saddle up, take this short refresher course in e-bike safety to make sure you’re all up to speed on your safe riding knowledge! 

Juiced Bikes Ride to School Top Tips Know Your State Laws

Tip #1: Know Your Local & State E-Bike Laws

Electric bikes are a fantastic way to get to school, but before you set off this semester, check your local city and state laws to brush up on the latest e-bike laws and regulations. Most states follow a three-class system that classifies electric bicycles the following way:

  • Class 1: The Class 1 e-bike provides power assistance only when you pedal, and stops assisting when you reach 20 mph — ideal for bike lanes, bike paths, roads or anywhere you'd take a conventional bike.
  • Class 2: The Class 2 e-bike features a throttle which provides a boost without pedaling and stops assisting at 20 mph.
  • Class 3: The Class 3 e-bike has a speedometer and only assists until the bike reaches 28 mph — a great choice for commuters.

Always be up to date on your knowledge of relevant e-bike rules and regulations to ensure you’re riding within the law. Helmet laws vary from state to state even if they follow the 3-Class system. And parents — exercise your best judgment to determine whether or not your child is ready to ride an e-bike to school. In California, riders must be at least 16 years old to ride a Class 3 e-bike, and all riders 17 years old and younger must wear a helmet; again, these laws vary state by state. While e-bikes can be just as safe (if not more because premium e-bikes like Juiced models sport premium safety gear like hydraulic disc brakes!) as traditional bikes, they are capable of quick acceleration and high speeds. You can always lock your Juiced bike to Class 2 mode to limit the speed on your kid’s bike. Finally, consider looking into a local e-bike safety course where your kiddo can get hands-on guidance on how to safely operate their electric bike. 

Tip #2: Master How Your E-Bike Works

If you know how to ride a traditional bicycle, mastering your e-bike should be a breeze! Set aside some time to really learn the ins and outs of your electric bike so you can confidently ride to school. Here are just a few pointers to help you prep for your first ride to school:

  • Read the user manual from front to back and memorize the location of vital components you’ll use regularly, like the brake levers, throttle, and kickstand. 
  • Make sure you can easily mount and dismount your e-bike. Adjust the seat if necessary to ensure you can comfortably reach the pedals and handlebars.  
  • Learn how to operate the LCD display. Go for a test-ride in a safe location and adjust the pedal assist levels to your liking.
  • Test the brakes. We recommend you use both brake levers to slow your bike down for maximum stability and consistent braking power.

Once you’re all set with the test ride, it’s time to study all the rules of the road! 

Juiced Bikes Ride to School Top Safety Tips Know the Road Rules

Tip #3: Learn All the Rules of the Road

Generally, you follow all the same rules of the road on your e-bike as you would riding a conventional bike (again, consult your local e-bike laws to know all the dos and don’ts). Here are a few of the most essential rules of safe e-bike riding to know:

  • Always use proper hand signals when turning left, right, or braking/slowing down. 
  • Ride in a bike lane whenever possible.
  • Travel on the right side of the road in the direction of traffic except when passing, making a left turn, riding on a one-way street, riding on a road that is too narrow, or when the right side of the road is closed due to construction.
  • Obey posted speed limits (remember — your Juiced bike can max out at speeds that exceed the 25 mph limit for residential areas!)

You can usually find the rules of the road for electric bikes on your state’s DMV website. Do your homework and exercise good judgment when riding to school, and you’ll do fantastic!

Tip #4: Dress For the Occasion

Always, always, ALWAYS wear a helmet whenever you ride your bike! This mantra mom used to drill into your head all those years holds tremendous wisdom — using a helmet reduces your risk of serious head injury by 60%. Pick up a properly-fitting helmet specifically designed for e-bikes, and say it with us, always wear it whenever you ride your bike! Up your safety game by throwing on some high-visibility clothing for your commute to school to ensure all eyeballs will be on you and your bike.

Tip #5: Lock Up Your Bike

Though not related to safe e-bike riding practices persay, locking up your bike whenever you go to class is key to your safety in general. Think about it — if you don’t lock up your bike properly and it gets stolen, you’re stuck scrambling to find a ride or face walking home, which could be a potentially dangerous prospect depending on the time of day and route back to your house. 

Guarantee a safe way home by investing in a solid bike lock and use it every single time you step away from your bike. Need some guidance on how to securely lock up your bike? Check out the vid below!

Juiced Bikes Ride to School Safely This Year

Ride Safely Into the School Year

Congrats! You aced your safe e-bike riding exam and are ready to put theory into practice. Memorize those local e-bike laws, test out all your bike’s functions, pop on your helmet, and follow all the rules of the road as you gleefully glide to class on the coolest-thing-on-two-wheels.

Still haven’t decided which Juiced bike is right for you? Take our bike quiz to get matched with the perfect school day sidekick!

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