RipCurrent S pre-orders rolling off the line

RipCurrent S pre-orders rolling off the line

The Weekly Squeeze

Seemed impossible, but we pulled it off. New RipCurrent S Pre-Orders are coming off the line. These things look amazing. In one leap, we moved the design forward 2 seasons. Big thanks to all the people who have made this possible. Enjoy more pictures.  


After more than a year of development, the bikes start rolling off the line.  


The new Downtube Battery Platform 2 is super clean. Cables perfectly managed, yet fully serviceable. No need for ridiculous thru-the frame wiring through tiny holes. We manufacture and control every part of the platform now. More details later. 

Changing the topic of discussion: 52 Volts up to 21 Ah. 1,000 Wh! Don't worry if you are not sure what this means - you will! 


Perfect Trifecta: 3 Size, 3 Colors, 3 pack options. This very difficult to pull off at this scale, but it turns out that people grow to different sizes and have different range needs. 


This is already our fastest selling e-bike ever! The RipCurrent S will  tear a path right to the top spot for fat tire e-bikes. Don't wait to order one. 

RipCurrent S starting from $1,699 - Visit the Online Store



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