Update on RCS and Extended Range 19.2Ah Battery

Update on RCS and Extended Range 19.2Ah Battery

The Weekly Squeeze

We apologize for the delay on getting the RipCurrent S's out. The bikes have arrived, but we had a delay on some of the 48V/19.2Ah and 52V/21Ah packs. Also the rear fender clip to stabilize the rear fender on the RCS has just arrived. Some CCS orders with 19.2Ah packs are also effected.

At the moment all of the bikes from the first production as well as the battery packs which shipped separately have arrived. The Cycle Satiator which shipped from Canada have also arrived. We are now doing final inspections, GPS integration and installing the shipping software to the bike’s controller. 

Bikes are already shipping and we expect to get ALL the March pre-orders out in the next 2 weeks. 
We totally sold out of the first batch and nearly sold out of the next run already. Back at the factory, more bikes are being produced and we are cranking out the bikes as quickly as safely possible to catch up with demand. We have a LOT of units on order, but it takes time before those bikes make it through the pipe to be in stock and ready to go - especially at the high quality level we want them to be at. 

This has been a somewhat challenging and complicated product, high performance, high demand, and with a very steep production ramp. This is on top of shipping the CrossCurrent S which have already ramped up and are now in a good stock position.

Things will be much smoother moving forward. Thank you for your patience. 

- Tora 



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