SCORPION Update: Ready to Ship!

SCORPION Update: Ready to Ship!

SCORPIONS HAVE ARRIVED! We are very excited to share that the first large shipment of Scorpion e-bikes arrived at our San Diego HQ earlier this morning! This first shipment only includes black Scorpions. If you are an early backer who ordered a black Scorpion, you will receive an email shipping confirmation in the next 3-5 days. We are shipping all Scorpion e-bikes based on a first-ordered, first-allocated basis.  Deliveries of this first shipment will take place over the next couple of weeks, possibly earlier depending on your location. 

The remaining inventory of black Scorpions and all of the blue Scorpions has been delayed due to the government-mandated closures in China this month. While our manufacturing facilities are now open, operations throughout the country are resuming slowly. We expect to begin shipping the next batch of Scorpions, both black and blue models, at the end of April.

Development and production of the HyperScorpion has been more significantly impacted by prolonged supply chain disruptions. I have been working directly with our engineering team on the HyperScorpion and look forward to sharing some of the bike’s incredible new features very soon. 

While I’m disappointed with the delay, I’m confident our backers will agree that it’s absolutely worth the wait! We are continuing to closely monitor the situation in China and working very hard to get the HyperScorpion made as soon as safely possible. With our revised HyperScorpion production schedule, we are currently projecting to begin shipping in late May. 

If you haven’t already subscribed to our Youtube channel and don’t follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, please do! We plan on sharing additional updates, pictures and videos on all of our social channels throughout the following weeks, including a closer look at various components of the HyperScorpion.   

Thank you for your patience and support!

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