Scrambler Production Update - 10/11/2018

Scrambler Production Update - 10/11/2018

The Weekly Squeeze

2018-10-12 Sorry for the slow speed of the updates, but I have been flat out and it's been difficult to make selfies while working at this level.

Days start at around 3:30am and never really finish. Here is a quick update and I will try to explain things in more details later. The production side has been steadily working through the orders.

The next batch which has the first City and Camps are getting packed and will go out next week to the USA. You can ask anyone in this industry and they will tell you that is warp speed.

It is incredible what is happening in the micro-mobility space at the moment. I can tell you there is not another e-bike company developing as fast as Juiced Bikes. Thank you for your patience.

- Tora

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