Scrambler Update - Late October

Scrambler Update - Late October

The Weekly Squeeze

One out!

Production has been progressing along nicely. We have one batch of Scramblers and HF1100 floating out there on the water somewhere on the way to the states!

What this means is that real bikes are exiting our factory less than 2 months after the close of our Indiegogo campaign. This is extremely fast and we're already improving our turnaround as we dial in our process.

Cargo ship tipping over at sea spilling shipping containers into the water

Everything is going smoothly... ;)

Cabbage batch bikes

The next batch of 400 or so CityScrambler units have finished production NOW. We produce in batches because of the frame production and painting process, so it is going to be a little bit tricky to know where each order is but we have a plan to work through this.

We are already starting to pack those up and target this Thursday for loading them in the container. 

Then we continue production/assembly and working through all of the remaining IGG orders - and we'll keep you up to date along the way!

The soft part is the hard part

The HyperScramblers are a little delayed as we continue to make progress on the controller software for the 1100 Watt MAC motors. Some users reported some inconsistent performance at certain speeds. This can be improved. Software updates can be performed to bikes already in the field and we will provide more updates as we get more information.

The City and Camp use the Bafang 750W motor and are not subject to this kind of behavior. 

Related: How this powerful motor is made.

Angry emoji in small green text bubble

Don’t get voltage envy 

On the other side of our product world we got a few thousand CCX and RipCurrents all now using the exciting new 52V battery packs! We are now in the 52V era. Once you try 52V there is no going back.

Beeping Loud 


Black Scrambler horn attachment for Juiced Bikes


Our Scrambler horns turned out to be a sleeper hit and we've already ordered more. These will be sent directly from the factory around Nov 2nd. They are must haves for e-bike commuting where there are lot of cars and other inattentive hazards along your ride.

Toot your own horn - Much more to come on Camp and City!

Take it up a notch

Back at the San Diego headquarters we are preparing for a move to a much larger facility.

The new location will give us the space we need to build out word class service, support and engineering departments among other things. More on this later! 


 Where's the Beef - CCX has landed!

All of the CCX have arrived. Due to the move we have been a little slow to get our hands on the bikes for inspection. We did get a lot of “where’s my bike calls” and the bikes will be start shipping shortly. Sorry for the delay. 

Lets get Social!

It appears that there are 2 active Juiced Facebook groups: 

- One appears to be the general Juiced Bikes stuff:

- One is the Scrambler Discussion group:

There is also a active e-bike forum where you can nerd out on the details:

Full disclosure: We did not start the groups/forums or have anything to do with the creation of the groups. We do not have any ability to moderate the groups. Join at your own risk. 

Come meet the bikes - Oceanside Demo Event - Nov 2-4

This coming weekend (Nov 2-4) the Juiced Bikes team will be in Oceanside California dong bike demos as part of the Bike The Coast ride event. Come out and test ride a HyperScrambler!  We'll have a selection of bikes and we'll be answering questions and having fun! There will be plenty of music, food and much more.



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