This Summer’s Hottest E-Bike Accessories

This Summer’s Hottest E-Bike Accessories

We may be smack dab in the middle of summer, but there’s still a whole lot of fun in the sun to enjoy. Beach trips, hiking, music festivals, outdoor dinner parties — every summertime outing is extra exciting when your e-bike comes along for the ride! 

It doesn’t matter what your destination is; riding your Juiced bike is a thrilling adventure in and of itself. And you can easily amp up the experience by enhancing your electric bike with the coolest accessories available today. From a trick headlight and Bluetooth speaker combo to a roomy relay basket perfect for storing your gear on the go, here are this summer’s must-have e-bike accessories.

Juiced Bikes Summers Hottest Electric Bike Accessories Must Have

This Bluetooth Speaker Is Lit!

If you’re fortunate enough to own a HyperScrambler 2 Founder’s Edition, you already know how wicked the HeadBanger Headlight Speaker is. But now, HyperScrambler 2, HyperScorpion, and HyperScorpion Express riders can upgrade their bike with the same all-in-one headlight speaker! Simply pair the ultra-bright 2,000-lumen headlight speaker with your phone via Bluetooth and bump your favorite tunes, listen to your guilty pleasure podcast, or get audio directions from your trusted navigation app wherever you ride. With the HeadBanger, you can bring the summer block party vibes with you anywhere you go! 

Level-Up Your RipRacer

Adrenaline junkies, rejoice — the highly-anticipated Off-Road Throttle Upgrade Kit for the RipRacer Class 3 has arrived! This turnkey kit comes with everything you need to boost your RipRacer’s throttle-only top speed from 20 mph to 28+ mph. Just replace the factory controller on your RipRacer Class 3 with this performance kit, twist the throttle, and get ready for takeoff! This kit is an essential upgrade for any RipRacer rider who wants maximum performance to conquer hills, dunes, and off-road trails without breaking a sweat. 

Juiced Bikes Summers Hottest Electric Bike Accessories RipRacer Accessories

Cover & Carry Your Battery

Craving extra security and easy portability for the G2 battery on your Juiced bike? Look no further than the G2 Battery Cover and Bag! This durable and water-resistant nylon and tarpaulin cover features secure straps to help keep your battery locked down and dry during summer rainstorms. You’ll love the convenient charging port and quick-access cable port to keep your phone dry and secure while it charges. Add in two storage pockets to hold your gear and an ergonomic carrying handle, and you have a versatile and convenient battery cover that provides unbeatable protection and utility on and off your bike!

Juiced Bikes Summers Hottest Accessories Battery Cover Bag


For Juiced riders who need to carry more than just their wallet, phone, and maybe a stick of gum with them when they ride, the RelayBasket is the perfect accessory. This durable aluminum powder-coated rack can be mounted on any Juiced bike with a rear relay rack or as a front basket on RipRacer models. Easy to install and surprisingly spacious, this storage basket can easily hold overnight bags for those impromptu summer sleepovers, groceries and beverages for backyard BBQs, and so much more. 

Juiced Bikes Summers Hottest Accessories RelayBasket

Gear Up For a Phenomenal Summer

There’s no time like the present to make the most out of your summer, and there’s no better way to get to all the fun festivities than zooming around on your Juiced bike! Whatever summer fun looks like to you, these awesome accessories will make your e-bike adventures the stuff of legends. And while you’re doing some shopping, don’t forget to check out our complete collection of accessories to customize your bike! Get 20% off ALL accessories with code SUMMER for a limited time!

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