Top 5 Must-Have Accessories For New E-Bike Riders

Top 5 Must-Have Accessories For New E-Bike Riders

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Thinking about joining the thousands of people making the switch to electric? If so, or if you’re already made the switch, make sure to check out our list of the essential e-bike accessories every rider should own!  

1. Critical Cranial Coverage

The first thing you must have before even unpacking your e-bike is a good, properly-fitting helmet. Whether or not you are legally required to wear one in your area, a helmet can be the difference between life and death. E-bikes can easily reach 20-28 mph speeds, and some moped-style electric bikes are even faster. Any motorcyclist can tell you most high-speed injuries are to the head. Look for a well-made, properly-fitting helmet. Bonus points for a helmet with extra safety and security features, like a lock port and/or rear light. 

“I absolutely love this helmet. It's extremely comfortable to wear and adjusts easily. The magnetic clasp and spot to run my cable lock through it are genius” - Juiced Rider, Walter B.

Best Electric Bike Accessories Helmet

2. Charging On The Go

Every piece of gear you take while riding should be functional and make your life easier. Riding hands-free with a fully charged cell phone is a safety and convenience must! The Juiced Bikes phone mount with charger holds your cell securely while riding and even lets you charge off the e-bike’s battery.

“This phone mount works great! I live on a 40-acre farm, and it handles all the rough bumps and trees that I have to navigate through to check out my land. It is easy to mount and more secure than the one I have on my Harley Motorcycle.” - Dale K. 
Juiced Bikes Best Electric Bike Accessories Phone Mount

3. Make Some Noise 

An e-bike is an AMAZING car replacement for short trips, which might mean riding with car traffic and leaving it unattended. Our #1 selling electric bike accessory, the Juiced Horn/Alarm System , will keep both you and your bike safe while getting around town. At 105 decibels, this horn will make sure cars know you are there, which will keep you safer on the road. Once you reach your destination and lock up your bike, the horn doubles as your alarm. By using the key fob, you can set the alarm and rest easy while you run your errands. 

“I’m really pleased with the horn. The volume is perfect even with traffic sounds nearby & the alarm feature works great too, especially when you take your bike shopping & park it outside the store!” - Juiced Rider, John B.
Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Accessories Horn Alarm

4. Portable Air On Demand 

You won’t want to leave home without this multi-purpose rechargeable accessory! The Portable Air Pump is a portable air compressor that can fill up almost anything, not just your electric bike tires… rubber balls, pool toys, even your car tire. Just preset to your desired PSI and go. Great for camping, festivals, and your on-road emergency kit, this compact air pump is a must-have. 

“I have purchased other similar portable electric air pumps and was happy to receive this one because it was a little smaller than others, yet I was still able to pump up my bike tires and soccer balls without any issues at all. My pump is small enough that I added it to my rear bike bag, and I’m so confident knowing if I needed to use it again, it would always be with me on my Juiced CrossCurrent S2 bike rides.” - Juiced Rider, Ernie Y.

Juiced Bikes Best Electric Bike Accessories Pump

5. Lock It Up!

Too many new e-bike riders find out the hard way that you never want to leave your ride unlocked and unattended. You also don’t want to find yourself under-locked, meaning there is not enough lock for your ride. Using two different locking systems doubles your chances of a bike thief deciding to move on to easier prey. Check out our video to learn more about locking up your bike safely.


“Simple and Effective. A seriously heavy-duty chain and a ‘don't mess with me’ lock mechanism. Long enough to hitch to any bike rack, it can be looped over the battery for extra protection. It also fits around the rear rack so that you can bring it with you without a backpack or bag. Love this product.” - Juiced Rider, Timothy R.  

Juiced Bikes Best Electric Bike Accessories Chain

Now that you and your ride are properly accessorized for any adventure - show us your setup! Tag your photos on Instagram #JuicedBikes to be featured. And shop our best-selling electric bike accessories now to make sure you are ready to ride this Spring!

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