"You've Turned Me Back Into A Kid Again!"

The Weekly Squeeze

At Juiced Bikes, we are passionately committed to supporting the  amplification of individual potential and progress. When we hear from our loyal customers about their  own transformations, with the help of a Juiced e-bike, we are  energized and inspired, and reminded of our devotion to the Juiced Bikes mission of  providing   customers  with  electrifying  and  accessible  mobility products that transform their lives by revolutionizing how they ride.  Tammy Pettigrew is one of these cherished customers and we are thrilled, and very proud, to share her story:   
My passion for riding my Juiced bike, and my increased strength, fuels me ever forward.  Never did I think exercise of any kind could be fun. Wrong!  Just yesterday as I came zipping down a hill (totally alone), I screamed weeeeeeee!  What 66 year old does that?  You’ve turned me back into a kid.  My normal (4-5 days a week) ride is 12 miles, including hills, currently  on the lowest level of assist. This was inconceivable for most of my 66 years.
Tammy Pettigrew standing with her new Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent Air with a big smile on her face
My husband and I ride together regularly now.  That was unheard of prior to last year.  We keep nudging one another to try more distance and tougher hills.  We started riding 12 miles to a farm-to-table restaurant for breakfast and then riding home.  We found out we could tackle 20+ miles refueling mid ride.  Twenty miles...me?  Mind boggling. Well, last time we rode to breakfast, Craig said want to try the canyon? It was a 24 mile ride straight from our house and back. The added mileage started that dreadful inner voice.... ‘I can’t do it’.  But, the Juiced bike has already shown me again and again the need to silence that voice in my head.  So I told Craig, "let’s try it and we can turn back if it gets too hard".  It was a challenge to get to the top of the canyon, but we went the full distance.  The ride downhill was restful enough to tackle one more big hill before heading home.  32+ miles.  The longest ride and most spectacular fall day of my life.
We recently returned from a trip where, at the last minute, we decided not to bring our bikes (because rain was forecast). Instead, we rented bikes, a regular bike for Craig and an ebike for me.  That was my first experience on an ebike that wasn't a Juiced.  The display was impossible to read in the sunlight.  My CrossCurrent Air display is easily read, sun or no.  It didn’t have an accelerator (which I sometimes use to clear an intersection quickly).  The seat was nowhere as comfortable as mine.  My Juiced bike felt sturdy and substantial in comparison.  After riding the rented bike the first day, I said to Craig I didn’t feel any assist compared to my Juiced bike.  He took it on a test spin and agreed the assist wasn’t working and I had ridden 15 miles with a few pretty good hills all under my own power.  It proved to me how much my own strength and endurance has grown in the last year.
This journey all started when my family did some research and decided a Juiced bike would be the best option for me.  How right they were! Please convey my thanks to all involved in creating this life changing and joy-producing bike!  

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