Unveiling the Scrambler X2: A Powerful Evolution of the Classic E-Bike

Unveiling the Scrambler X2: A Powerful Evolution of the Classic E-Bike

The Weekly Squeeze

In 2018, the Scrambler journey began on IndieGoGo, where the innovative e-bike captured the hearts of enthusiasts and backers alike, raising over 1 million to bring this retro-inspired design to life. Now, we're thrilled to introduce the next chapter in the Scrambler story - the Scrambler X2. This new model is not just an update; it's a meaningful evolution that combines the beloved retro aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, featuring a larger motor and an updated battery pack.

Juiced Bikes Unveiling the New Scrambler X2 Enhanced Performance

Enhanced Performance: Larger Motor 

  • We've listened to your feedback, and added a more powerful 1000W motor - with the added torque the Scrambler X2 delivers an exhilarating riding experience! Whether you're navigating city streets or hitting off-road trails, the increased motor power, clocking 85 NM of torque, ensures a smooth and efficient ride.

Peace of Mind: Advanced Battery Pack

  • To complement the enhanced motor, the Scrambler X2 boasts our updated 52V/15Ah G2 battery pack. We understand the importance of fire safety, and the new battery pack is certified to UL 2771 standards, and not only provides a higher standard of fire protection, but a more even drain on battery cells and higher water resistance. What does all this mean for you? You get more charge cycles out of the overall life of your battery pack and peace of mind while charging. 

Maintaining the Iconic Retro Design:

  • While we've pushed the boundaries of performance, rest assured that the Scrambler X2 retains the iconic retro design that captured your hearts in the first place. Rugged enough, with knobby off road tires,  to handle off-road but stylish enough to break necks on the street. The blend of classic aesthetics and modern upgrades creates a unique and timeless e-bike that stands out in any crowd.

Community-Driven Innovation:

  • Our journey started with the support of an amazing community, and we've continued to involve you in the evolution of the Scrambler series. Your passion and feedback have been instrumental in shaping the Scrambler X2, making it a product that reflects the desires of e-bike enthusiasts nationwide. 

Juiced Bikes Unveiling the New Scrambler X2 Innovation

The Scrambler X2 represents more than just a bike; it's a celebration of progress and passion. From its humble beginnings on IndieGoGo to the powerful evolution we present today, the Scrambler X2 embodies the spirit of innovation and community. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to redefine the possibilities of e-bike technology. The Scrambler X2 is not just an update; it's a statement, and it's ready to take you on your next adventure.

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