What are the Benefits of Electric Bikes?

What are the Benefits of Electric Bikes?

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Everybody seems to be riding or talking about an electric bicycle this past year, and with good reason. If you’re still contemplating purchasing your own e-bike, we've provide an overview of the myriad of benefits of riding an electric bike and why you should have one in your garage.

From celebrities and pro athletes, to nurses and teachers, e-bike riders are becoming one of the fastest growing communities. Here's why. 

Health Conscious & FUN!

Riding an electric bike is a great way to keep in shape and get an effective low-impact. You can still pedal with vigorous intensity even when you’re using pedal assist. The electric motor helps with inclines and fatigue. This allows you to get the same health benefits as riding a standard bicycle without overexerting yourself. 

It's no secret that it’s more difficult than ever to get enough sun exposure, Vitamin D and physical activity. Using an electric bike will help tick all of these boxes. It’s easy to make excuses for getting out and about, especially during stay at home orders, but with an electric bicycle you can rule out most physical discomfort or limitations.

And, it’s arguably one of the most fun and exhilarating forms of exercise you could ever hope for. Whether you rely on throttle or use pedal assistance only to get through the tough bits these bikes offer the freedom and mobility you will need to get started on your health journey. 

An electric bike is great for interval training, as they allow you to focus more on your intensity level than trying to compensate for inclines and comfort. By keeping up moderate intensity and using alternating intervals to your advantage, you can burn calories on an electric bike easily. You can use heart rate monitors or a health apps which links to your cell phone to track your progress. 

One of the best parts of using a motor assisted bicycle as a means of losing weight is that you don't necessarily have to carve out time in your schedule to work out. Electric bikes are a great form of transportation which you can integrate daily rides seamlessly into your schedule. To begin your electric bike weight loss journey, replace one car or public transit trip per day with a ride.

Replacing your Car with an E-Bike

“I love getting stuck in traffic, spending $100 bucks filling up my gas tank, and fighting other drivers for a decent parking spot” said absolutely NO ONE EVER! The average American spends a (miserable) 51 minutes on their daily commute. Studies show that commutes as short as 10 miles can cause physical damage, rise in blood sugar levels, increases in depression and anxiety. Some even experience higher cholesterol, temporary blood pressure spikes, and even poor sleep quality. 

Even replacing a fraction of car miles with increased electric bike transportation has a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions. The bottom line is simple: E-bikes are a zero emission vehicle. Because they don't burn any fuel, electric bicycles don't release any gases to the atmosphere. The average car, however, releases over 2 tons of carbon dioxide gas every year.

Sure, there is an initial investment in purchasing a new electric bicycle, but the savings that follow are considerable! Let’s start with the few hundred dollars worth of savings just on gas. Parking costs are completely eliminated.

Also, regular upkeep on an electric bike is a tiny fraction of what’s spent to maintain and service a car. Isn't it great to SAVE money while you're also saving the environment, having fun and losing weight!


Saving Money!

Anyone can see the massive cost disparity  between a car and an electric bike. Motor vehicles have been the preferred method of transport for millions of Americans for the last 100 years. They're massive, go from zero to sixty in seconds and fly around mountain curves with ease.

All that power tends to cost a lot, though it is certainly possible to find a motor vehicle for a few thousand dollars, high-end models push into six figures or even millions. Constantly filling the tank with expensive gasoline adds up costs fast as well. Electric bikes cost a fraction to purchase, pennies to charge, require minimal maintenance, and no expensive insurance! For these reasons, the more cost-friendly — yet still classy and cool — electric bicycle offers an attractive alternative

It's also true that when a motor vehicle breaks down the repairs can cost much more than an electric bike repair. Preventative maintenance on a motorcycle or a car is usually more expensive than the maintenance an electric bike requires. 

Final Thoughts

So, are you convinced yet? Riding an electric bike has massive health benefits and can put a lot of green back in your pocket. Feeling challenged by conventional bikes, leave them and your kids in the dust by switching to a motor assisted model. 

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