Slow Your Roll: Why Your E-Bike Needs Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Slow Your Roll: Why Your E-Bike Needs Hydraulic Disc Brakes

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Fun fact: If you ever encounter a polar bear while riding your Juiced bike and it challenges you to a race, you can outrun this majestic beast! 

Even though the above scenario is highly unlikely, you will most likely unleash the savage power of your exhilarating electric bike and hit 28+ mph (a blistering speed that tops the polar bear’s 25-mph stride) at some point. And when you need to inevitably slow down to more sane speeds, you’ll be thankful that your e-bike is enhanced with the most powerful braking system available — hydraulic disc brakes.

These high-performance e-bike brakes are in a class of their own compared to other common electric bike braking systems like mechanical brakes. But why are hydraulic brakes best for e-bikes? And why don’t all electric bikes have them? Read on for answers to these questions and more!

Juiced Bikes Why Electric Bikes Need Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic Disc Brakes vs. Mechanical Disc Brakes: How They Work

Mechanical disc brakes are about as simple as e-bike braking systems can get. When you squeeze the brake lever, a steel cable tightens and forces the brake pads onto the disc rotor attached to the wheel, slowing your bike down. 

Hydraulic disc brakes are much more advanced than mechanical brakes and utilize an intricate sealed system filled with brake fluid. When you squeeze the brake lever, the brake fluid courses throughout the system, clamping the brake pads onto the disc rotor to slow your bike down. 

Juiced Bikes Why Electric Bikes Need Hydraulic Disc Brakes Outperform

Here’s Why Hydraulic Disc Brakes Outperform the Rest

Whether you’re bombing down huge hills or cruising through a congested commute, hydraulic disc brakes offer several advantages over other brakes. 

Stronger Braking Performance

Hydraulic disc brakes consistently deliver superior stopping power compared to mechanical disc brakes. Hydraulic disc braking systems require far less pressure to engage and apply this force more evenly to the brake rotor. This all means that a light tug on the brake lever can summon up serious braking power, which is incredibly helpful on a heftier performance vehicle like an electric bicycle. In addition to tremendous braking power, hydraulic brakes have excellent fade resistance, so your braking performance is maintained even during hard rides. 

Better Modulation

Hydraulic disc brakes amplify your finger inputs, significantly increasing feedback and modulation to allow you to precisely control the clamping force exerted on the brake rotor. In simpler terms, better brake modulation lets you reduce as much or as little speed as desired without locking up your wheels. Because of this greater modulation, hydraulic disc brakes allow you to stay in control without breaking traction when braking harder. And as any rider who’s flung themselves off their e-bike under hard braking can attest, this is a very good thing! 

Less Wear and Tear

Mechanical disc brake systems feature a steel cable prone to wear and tear, particularly when exposed to the elements. After several off-road excursions, it’s extremely easy for dirt, mud, and other debris to infiltrate mechanic disc brake systems. On the other hand, hydraulic disc brakes have a fluid system that’s much more efficient at keeping nasty grime out during even the most adventurous rides. As a bonus, hydraulic disc brakes are also easier to set up and require less regular maintenance than mechanical disc brakes, though it’s worth noting that the actual service is a bit pricier and more complex. 

Juiced Bikes Why Electric Bikes Need Hydraulic Disc Brakes Less Wear and Tear

Why Don’t All E-Bikes Have Hydraulic Disc Brakes?

Many electric bicycle companies on the market outfit their bikes with mechanical brakes because they’re cheap and simple, but as you know, these braking systems deliver insufficient braking performance (braking power, reliability, fade resistance, etc.) and are more prone to wear and tear than hydraulic disc brakes. 

When you’re zooming around on your e-bike at speeds that could easily keep up with the pace of residential area traffic, you absolutely need exceptional brakes that reliably provide forceful, fade-free braking power to help keep you safe out there. While saving a little cash by purchasing an inexpensive e-bike with mechanical brakes is tempting, don’t compromise your safety for small savings! 

Juiced Bikes is committed to ensuring you enjoy many safe (and fun!) journeys on your electric bike — that’s why our entire lineup of e-bikes come standard with premium hydraulic disc brakes to give you maximum stopping power whenever you need it. Stop by our virtual showroom of epic electric bikes and find your ride today!

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