4 Reasons Why Your E-Bike Needs a Second Battery

4 Reasons Why Your E-Bike Needs a Second Battery

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The battery is one of the most critical components on an electric bike, yet it causes riders the most anxiety. The main one being, “Will my bike make it to my destination?” This is a valid concern for riders and can cause a lot of dread when the riding experience should be fun! But the solution to calming that anxiety is simple – purchase a second e-bike battery. While that may seem extreme, and may put more pressure on your wallet, it’s not the only reason to buy one. Here are four reasons why it’s worth it to purchase a second e-bike battery.

Juiced Bikes Why You Need A Second Electric Bike Battery Backup Battery

Ride Even Farther & Boost Performance!

You can kiss range anxiety goodbye! It may seem obvious, but it can’t be exaggerated enough – buying a second e-bike battery DOUBLES your range! And what’s not to love about riding even farther? If you’ve wanted to push yourself with a 100-mile ride or you’ve wanted to try biking to a new location but have been worried about not being able to make it, with a second battery, those goals become very easy to achieve. And if you get a second 52V/19.2Ah Juiced Bike battery, with 998.4 watt hours, you’re DEFINITELY going to conquer that 100-mile ride! Besides increasing your range, you can also expect a huge boost in performance with a second battery. Like a cellphone, an e-bike battery’s performance can decrease with use. Getting a new battery for an electric bike that’s gone through about 500 charge cycles, will actually boost your e-bike’s performance! 

Charge Less, Ride More

The charge time on an e-bike battery typically takes about 6-9 hours depending on the battery level. But with a second battery, you don’t have to count down the endless hours until you can ride again. Once your first battery is down to the last bar, simply remove it from your e-bike and place it on the charger while you grab your second fully-charged battery and head back out on a ride! With a second battery on hand, you’ll ride more and charge less. And as a bonus – your battery life will increase because you won’t constantly recharge one battery when you own two.  For someone who uses their bike often, rotating between two batteries is recommended because you’re putting less stress on each battery (daily discharge and charge cycles) and will prolong the life of each battery.

Juiced Bikes Why You Need a Second Electric Bike Battery Charge Less

You’ll Always Be Prepared

Life happens, and it’s always best to be prepared. When you have a second battery, you’ll be ready for whatever happens. Your e-bike unexpectedly runs out of juice? No problem, just swap it out for the second one. Your first battery won’t turn on? Unfortunate, but you’ll still be ready to ride with your other battery. You misplaced your battery? The second one is ready to go! And when your battery finally reaches its end of life, around 60% of its capacity, you’ll already be prepared with your back-up battery. 

Save Money 

Over the years, battery technology has gotten better and with that, batteries have become less expensive to make. Now is the time to buy a second battery if you’ve been mulling it over these past few years but haven’t had the extra cash. And right now, during our Battery Sale, you’ll save even more. Now through February 13th, you can get a Juiced Bike Battery for $599, that’s $200 in savings!

A second battery is a great option for e-bike riders at any level. It helps you increase your riding range, allows you to charge less, ensures you’re prepared for anything, and lets you save some money. Don’t miss out on our Battery Sale where you can purchase a 52V/19.2Ah battery for just $599 for a limited time.
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