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Phone Mount with Charger
Phone Mount with Charger
Phone Mount with Charger
Phone Mount with Charger
Phone Mount with Charger
Phone Mount with Charger
Phone Mount with Charger
Phone Mount with Charger

Phone Mount with Charger

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NEW Juiced Bike phone mount and charger. Keep your mobile phone secure while riding with a built-in USB charging port. Simply connect to the battery of the electric bike and keep your gadget up throughout your ride.


  • Smartphone mount with integrated USB power supply from the E-bike’s battery.
  • Compatible with ALL Juiced e-bike models with integrated headlight.
  • Power is tapped directly from the e-bike’s main battery via the headlight.
  • No need to carry an additional USB battery booster along for your ride.
  • Plug and Play with almost all Juiced Bikes E-bike Models.
  • Blue Illuminated USB port for easier location in dark environments

Juiced Bikes Compatibility: CrossCurrent / RipCurrent / CampScrambler / CityScrambler.  Use the Power tap Cable to pull power from the headlight.
Scorpion / HyperScorpion: Plug directly to the USB port connector.

Handlebar Compatibility: 22.2 - 31.6mm

Smart Phone Compatibility: 4" - 6.6"
Smartphones without the battery case

Input Power: 12-80V Includes Power tap Y-Cable for use on any 52V Juiced Bike. Includes unterminated Cable to use on any 12-80V power source (Non-Juiced Bike)

Charge Current:
2A Max

Material: Aluminum Alloy / Stainless Steel Hardware

Basic instructions for the smartphone holder mount. 

For the installation on the Scorpion/HyperScorpion E-bikes: 

Disconnect the USB port connector on the handlebar. Plug the Smartphone mount directly to the wire that the USB port was connected to. 

You will now have power to the Phone mount. Power to the smartphone holder is available any time the bike is turned on. 

If you are using the RC/RCS/CC/CCX e-bikes: 

Basically, this special cable is like an extension cord that splits the power going into the headlight and feeds one side to the smartphone mount. Disconnect the front headlight connector. Locate the Y-Connector cable included with your kit.  

Plugin the base of the Y connector (single cable side) into the power side of the front headlight feed cable. Then replug the headlight into one of the 2 double cable sides of the Y cable. Plug the smartphone mount into the other side of the Y cable. 

You will now have power to the Phone mount when you turn on the headlight. 

The smartphone mount has a USB power port on the right side. Lift the rubber dust cover to access the USB port. 

The port can support up sth 2A fast charging.